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Friday, July 6, 2012

month one all over again...

I have felt SUPER icky all week :( Unfortunately AND fortunately started my first period again. It was painful and awful. At the same time it's a reminder that my body is working right now after all. My lack of pumping/breastfeeding as of late and attempting to start running again I think brought it on. I SHOULD pump again- it's just extremely frustrating to do 8 times a day to do it right. I have been cleaning out my garage and came across this...

My oh so familiar sharps container full of a gazillion needles I shot into myself to be able to have my little miracle. It reminded me of last year and all the hopes and dreams I had to finally bring a baby home. I held Deklan a little longer tonight, kissed him even more than I normally do (which is A LOT!) :) and said a quick prayer to say thank you for the amazing little boy who got sent to our home. It's hard to imagine that this little 9 pound baby boy will soon be walking talking, playing, dating, and all that other fun stuff a boy does :) He still amazes me every day. He smiles now and coo's and wants to grow up way too fast for me. He is squishy, squeaky, and oh so lovable!! I will have lots more pics and videos of him on my other blog though. :)

On a sad note we got rid of our dog Lexi this week. She got me through some REALLY tough times. including comforting me through the infertility. So I felt awful about finding her a new home. I felt even more guilty she wasn't getting the love and affection she deserved once Deklan came home. She was always out back in the heat and didn't get the chance to love on her as much. Our house cleaner lady is all alone here and took her and said she follows her around everywhere now and LOVES the attention! Made me so happy to hear- plus I can visit anytime I want since she is only a few miles away! I will miss this little fluffer! 

My Baby: Lexi


  1. We got rid of our dog after Kingston was born (a year ago this week). He was my firt baby and I loved him so much but, I too found him getting less and less attention. It was sad but I know he is happier where he is now :) Baby boy sure is filling his rolls in your 4th pictures :)

  2. I'm glad Lexi will have someone to love on her. Deklan is soooooooooooooooo cute! We want to come over and swim when you're feeling better (and I want to hold your little babe.)

  3. Gosh, I remember my first period post-partum too, it was rough!

    Your little man is super adorable!