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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Oh the Possibilities!

Remember how I ranted and raved about how amazing this guy was?? This is Dr. L. (From Advanced Fertility Care) This man literally changed our lives. He is so sweet and humble that he wouldn't take credit for his hard work- said it was all the man upstairs. But I truly believe that Heavenly Father gave him a talent to help make others families possible. He is honestly THE BEST! I would travel out of state if I needed to to help us again. I am OH SO excited to come back to this amazing clinic to use Deklan's frozen brothers and sisters that are hanging out in his office right now :)- 7 of them to be exact! Ladies if you are looking for someone GO TO DR. LARSEN! He is caring, understanding, and knows what's best! I trusted him in putting in one embryo and it all turned out the way it was supposed to.:)

 Deklan got to meet his new girlfriend he has been hanging out with since in the womb. My coworked/good friend Sheila did in vitro 4 weeks after me with Dr. L and we both came out with babies! SO exciting!!! Isn't she CUTE!!!!! Since Deklan was early they are about 2 months a part :)
 Jonny holding little Skarlet
 Dr. L with out little miracle babies- we couldn't be more grateful! We waited for this day for a long time :)

Excited/nervous to go through in vitro again- we are looking to maybe do this around Deklan's first birthday if it doesn't happen on it's own- rigorous I know- but hey! We waited 8 years for our fam so we are trying to catch up! Thank you to Dr. L and his amazing staff for helping us through such tough times! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!


  1. I love having had my four in less than 4 years. Yes, there are difficult moments. But there would be difficult moments despit age difference. Just like you and Sarah, they become best friends! So excited to watch your family grow.

  2. So happy for you Brittany and i'm so happy for you to get to do it all over again! Having little ones close is so worth it! I love that Ammon and Evelyn and close and I'm so excited to have another one close! I'm so happy that you are getting your chance at a perfect little family! What a blessing!!!!

  3. It's amazing how much of a role and a place in my heart my fertility specialist played in my life too!

  4. I absolutely love to see these stories/pics of these miracle workers getting to meet the babies they had a hand in creating. Brings tears to my eyes!

  5. Oh don't feel bad, Ryan and I are already discussing our next baby too, honestly thinking about trying again in December.. aggh see, now I am feeling like I *do* need my blog haha. You look fabulous and Deklan is adorable!! Glad you found that doctor, I wish I could give him a hug :)