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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fluid Levels

I had an appt yesterday and today for Declan. Monday we did a stress test and today was the big ultrasound to see if I am clear or not to fly to California to see my husband get recognized at his business conference. Today the ultrasound showed his levels again dropped. :( He was at 6.7 last week and 6.2 today- The Dr assured me there was NOTHING more I could be doing at this point and flying to California would be just fine. In fact if anything hanging out in the pool will help little Declan's fluid levels. I will definitely be taking it easy in California BUT I get to go!! :) Next week I will of course be doing MORE stress tests an another ultrasound. With how his fluids are dropping chances are this baby boy is coming early. I have read lots online and of course done lots of searches of what to do- and there really isn't anything TO do. I am just sort of in limbo right now and waiting. Everything else scored perfect on the ultrasound 8/8. SO- that's a good sign that baby boy is healthy. Tomorrow I leave for California!:) I forgot to take an updated bump shot- but this is from last weeks shoot- and I am definitely getting ready to pop ANYTIME now since Declan wants to make his appearance a tad early! :) My little man is already stubborn like his daddy. :) Getting nervous and SO SO excited to meet him. I could handle waiting another 6 weeks or so if he wouldn't mind staying bundled in there a little longer! 

P.S Thank you so much for your comments on my last post- I am feeling MUCH MUCH better and am realizing that I CAN'T listen to what everyone else says. People will ALWAYS be looking for a way to judge what your doing- what your eating- how you are parenting your children, and everything in between. Ultimately I make the end decisions and decide what's best for me and my baby. I do the best I can and that's all I can do. SO done letting others opinions get to me. This was tough enough when I was dealing with infertility so I can't let that happen now. Speaking of which DON'T forget it's national infertility awareness week! Resolve.Org has LOTS of good information! One thing I will never do is forget the long crazy journey I took to get to this point! :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

I've Had Better Days

Don't worry I'm better now. It only lasted a few days- but MAN I was a mess. These pregnancy hormones must be kickin my butt! Wednesday was my doctors appointment to do an ultrasound and check Declan's fluid levels- my anxiety levels were high for this appt! Goodness when you know there is always that chance you could just go straight into delivery I think you kinda freak out pre appt time. Anywho- levels were down from the week prior. Last week levels were 7.4 and this week they were 6.7. Not what I was wanting to hear. I was already a tad bit emotional for the day- then we went in for the stress test- I felt him moving LOTS so I figured this would be short and easy. Instead they kept me on there forever! Apparently his heart rate wasn't jumping up as much as they wanted to see so they wanted him on there till it did- they used the tickler which worked like a charm...but again it wasn't as smooth as an appt as I was hoping for. Dr checked me "down south" to send in for labs of possible infections since I had a UTI last week. YUCKY. I will find out about that on Monday. My feet were real swollen though and my heart rate was much higher than normal (she never told me the numbers) so she told me to go into the er if my feet swell worse and to keep an eye on my heart rate (check it at Walmart every few days) GREAT! More to pay attention too!

All in all I left the appointment feeling a bit defeated. Than my mom called to lecture me on eating healthier, drinking more, blah blah know moms. BOTH my mom AND mother in law are best friends and like to both lecture me. I REALLY wasn't receptive. Instead I called my sister crying complaining about the constant lecture I had been getting. I was frustrated because I am doing my best- and it's hard to hear from others you SHOULD be doing MORE. OF COURSE I want the best for Declan!!!! GOODNESS!! I was grumpy the rest of the day- went home and slept for hours. I am pretty sure my high blood pressure didn't help with the hormones.

Next day I woke up refreshed- decided to go ahead and DRINK the nasty green drink my mom brought over for breakfast. Welp- I got food posiening from that stupid drink people. I threw up like ten times PURE GREEN DRINK. I couldn't eat or drink ALL day. FIGURES. I felt like crap. Seriously bad few days. Today I feel a BILLION times better. Now I know to ONLY drink the fresh green drink- not an old! Declan has been moving like CRAZY so I feel pretty secure he's okay in there. I go in for Dr. appt's Monday and Tuesday and HOPEFULLY my fluid levels will have gone up by then. Okay rant over. Thanks for listening if you made it through this. :)

P.S HOW the HECK do you get rid of the spam comments?? I've been getting lots of them?? ANY clue??

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

48ish Days to Go

33 week bump picture...after eating fast food so it might be a bit accentuated :)

This past week has been crazy busy oddly enough for my first week off work! After a successful baby shower, getting my maternity pictures done, and Dr.'s appointments today I FINALLY feel I can relax! I was finally able to read and get updated on all your blogs last night. :)

Updates From Dr: Yesterday was my first non- stress test (not sure why they call it this because it WAS stressful!) When you get hooked up to this machine they evaluate the baby's heartheart and YOU have to push a button when you feel the baby move. They want to see that the baby's heart rate goes up when he's moving. It was hard though to know what they were looking for or what was considered a movement. Declan wasn't moving at all at first so they had to use the "tickler" on him which sent vibrations on my belly making him move. That felt odd...haha! Baby passed the test with flying colors though and they have me back on Wednesday for an ultrasound and another stress test. This is the appointment each week I will be mostly looking forward to- I just am dying to know what his fluid levels are now. They reminded me again that if he goes too low he will need to be delivered THAT day. YIKES! Guess I better pack my hospital bag and such just in case.

Next Week: The Dr did however give me the okay to fly out to California a few days next week to watch my husband speak at a big convention for his business. (ONLY IF the fluid levels are getting better) We were invited to a black tie dinner and if any of you have shopped for a black tie event dress 8 months pregnant and have any tips please let me know. Goodness it's not easy to find something!

Looking Forward to: I went shopping today and got the carseat, stroller, monitor, and big items I needed...and then some. So now I need to organize all his stuff! I posted pics of my baby shower from Saturday on my family blog over HERE. It was a big success and I am SO SO glad to know what to go buy now. All the details of the adorable shower (Bow Tie themed) are HERE. I am not kidding this shower was so cute! My sister and bestie did an amazing job! I am LOVING being home right now and spending time with the hubby. :) Can't wait to hear how the fluid levels are tomorrow! Hopefully getting better and better :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Updates On Declan

Today we went and saw the high risk ob. Everything went REALLY well considering. I am definitely happy today with the outcome. Still nervous- but it could have been so much worse! Declan is healthy and doing well which was MOST important! They immediately took me back and did an ultrasound to check all his measurements. After LOTS of fluids and long baths his amniotic fluid was up from 5.6 to 7.3. He said that is still extremely low but we will be keeping a really close eye on him till delivery. He was tiny for where he should be 3.10 pounds (I think that sounds pretty hefty actually!) I guess he was measuring in the sixth percentile of where he should be though- tiny but still safe!

Now I will be monitored twice a week with stress tests (measuring contractions and fetal movements and such) and once a week by ultrasound (checking his fluid levels and also cervical length) My cervix was long and shut (4 cm I think he said?) I am to be drinking LOTS of fluis, taking long baths, laying lots on my left side and just focusing on baby till deliverary day. IF his amniotic fluid drops below 5 in the next few weeks we will go in that day and deliver the baby early. He would be able to grow better on the outside than the inside at that point. Untill then we hope and pray his fluid levels remain high enough that he is safe. I would REALLY like him to grow in moms belly a little longer if possible :) Good news is that my high risk OB said his kidneys were fine (my regular ob was saying they were dilated) They seemed to disagree on this but I will take the high risks dr.'s word on this since he is used to these sorts of things.

The past few days I was a nervous wreck. I tried hard not to be- but I was SERIOUSLY worried about today- the though of going in to deliver this early didn't feel right. I have nothing ready- and my baby isn't cooked all the way yet- so I am EXTREMELY grateful for all the prayers for baby Declan- they are helping for sure! My mom being the worry wort she is came over and is shoving all sorts of natural juices and veggies down my throat- not gonna complain though because I'm sure it can only help :)

SO for now- I am on medical leave at work. Can I just tell you how strange this feels. I have literally NEVER (besides vacations) been not working since HIGH SCHOOL. I didn't even have a week break between jobs I would just move from one job to another. I have been at my current job for almost 8 years now so this is SO weird to me. I have only been off two days and I feel guilty for some reason. I did decide to go back to work tomorrow for one more day. My team is working half the day and then doing some fun activity for the rest of it. I figure it would be the perfect way to tie up loose ends and say goodbye to everyone properly. I am going to realx and get excited since my baby shower is THIS Saturday!!! FINALLY time to go out and buy all of Declan's things he needs. I finally have time to pack my hospital bag, finish the nursery and all the projects I have been working on, and REST! How fabulous does that sound? Like I said- could have been much worse. :) Next week I am excited to see if the fluids get better! I just know this baby boy is a fighter- he has been from day one. 8 more weeks to meet my little fighter embryo- it's been quit the ride. :)

At the end of the day I ate this to make me feel better...let me tell you best. icecream.ever. Go get some. :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Not What I Expected

Today was my last final ultrasound and a quick check of the baby- or so I thought. The appointment started out frustrating- my husband had 102 degree temp all weekend and wasn't feeling his best- got dizzy on the ride over and decided it would be best for him to stay home. I was bummed because I felt like I needed him today- and I did.

I LOVE my ultrasound lady, she is always SUPER energetic and asking me all sorts of questions about the baby throughout the appointment like we are the best of friends. In the beginning that's how it started. And all the sudden she got immediately stressed me out. I said kind of half laughing hope he's okay! I know he's moving lots! Again, she didn't respond. I started stressing out and kept telling myself she is probably just having a bad day and not herself. All the sudden she wiped my belly and said k your done- Dr. Huish will come get you in a few minutes. Usually she does a 3 d ultrasound so I said "Since this is his last picture can I get a 3d shot of his face?" She looked at me all concerned and just said "I can't sweetie his amniotic fluid is too low, it won't work right now. I'm sorry." I left thinking- man I shouldn't have emptied my bladder before the appointment! I texted Jonny said something didn't feel right but I'm sure everything is fine. Then I got a text from my bestie- "Hey Britt had a bad feeling at lunch are you okay?"

I FINALLY get called back and Dr. says we need to go over this ultrasound. First off baby is fantastic! He is showing a week behind on growth but that's okay (3.8 pounds now and head down) Then he quickly says - your fluid was lower than I'd like to see (5.6) so I am going to send you to high risk Dr. this week to see if we need to take action. One of his kidneys is dialated again and the fluid is just too low. He is healthy though and you look fantastic and right on track! SO Drink water- lots of it and take an hour long bath each night (the soaking will help with fluid) and I will see you in 2 weeks and your other Dr will let you know if you need to do anything.I could tell he was trying REAL hard to focus on the positive and keep me calm.

I was a bit in shock. Again didn't ask questions. Told him I was having contractions that were lasting longer now and sometimes every few minutes- so he did the "cervical check." IT HURT SO BAD. And I have been bleeding all day and had cramps all day. awesome. BUT everything was closed. I also asked the Dr what he thought of me taking time BEFORE the baby is born at home (since I would obviously need a Dr.'s Note) Usually he always says you don't really need it- you should be fine. This time he said- I'll sign off on that now if you would like to do that. It may be a good idea at this point.

He went straight out to go over everything with the ultrasound tech- when I walked out she gave me a half smile and said bye hun- good luck. Ya know the- I'm so sorry I just ruined your day look. I now have an appt Friday with the high risk Dr. to see where I go from here.

I did the unthinkable researching online the moment I got to work and then REALLY started to stress. I have a friend who's baby just passed away a few months ago due to low that turned to no amniotic fluid at 7 months along- it broke my heart for her. It of course came to mind as I heard low amniotic fluid. There were AWFUL stories online- a lot of them saying that they had to deliver if the levels went below 5. Mine is 5.6 so that scared me A LOT. I have 8 more weeks this baby needs to stay in and bake if possible!

I am a tad bit stressed today to say the least. Trying to breath and just remember I am probably over reacting and need to chill. I will probably be taking a leave of absence from work. I JUST got a call from my OB's office saying to head into labor and delivery TONIGHT if the bleeding continues. Goodness I am freaking out. I could use prayers right about now.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I hit THAT stage

ya know the one where you attempt to wear non maternity clothes to work and then you end up going to the mall at lunch to buy comfy clothes stage?? Yep- I'm REALLY uncomfortable now. haha! I literally cannot wear non maternity clothes without wanting to jump out of my clothes hours later. And I HATE wearing a normal bra these days- most days I will be in a sports bra. It feels like my ribs hurt- but adding bra wire around that makes it worse :(

I am 31 Weeks now! I May be uncomfortable but I still LOVE my belly. I honestly know I will miss it in nine weeks when this baby is here. I love seeing my belly move from the outside. Making a human being is hard work but I do it all over again times ten for this baby boy. :)

Baby: Weighs as much as FOUR oranges now! What a fatty! :) Over 3 and a half pounds now and 16 inches in length! He is as big as a pineapple now! His skin is now pink and smooth. I can tell now which body parts are usually kicking me. Sometimes he puts his little back against my stomach and I give him a back rub- or at least that's what I picture. :)

Mommy: I'm tired all the time- having a lot harder time breathing since Declan sometimes hangs out in my lungs :) I'm sure daddy would give him a high five for already driving mom crazy. :)

31 week Bump Picture :)

My belly looks a little odd shaped here- but I am too lazy to take another one so this will have to do :)

Jonny and I went to California last week. I posted pics about that HERE. I did finally get a mani and pedi which are SO needed now that I can't reach my toes very well :) My baby shower is in a week and a half and I am getting SO excited for that! I just want to know what I need to get Declan so I can finish shopping. I haven't had ANY time to work on his room as of late so that was put on hold for a bit. Better get on that since my countdown is officially in the ONE digits!!!! NINE WEEKS LEFT! I have my last ultrasound on Monday at 32 weeks- I'm sure he will be super squished in there but I still can't wait to see him. :)
On another note my husband is trying to convince me of taking a TWO WEEK cruise to Europe at the end of September. Obviously my son will be coming with- but he will be almost 4 months old- SOOOO tiny to travel for that long- I am definitely a mess about this but don't want to miss out on flippen Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, and Rome. My friends that are coming with say this is the EASIEST time to travel with a baby and we should do it now rather than later. (They have six kids and I trust their judgement) but I'm curious...have any of you traveled with an infant that small???? Any advice on traveling with babies would be helpful. :) I will be talking to the doctor about this one as well...