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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I hit THAT stage

ya know the one where you attempt to wear non maternity clothes to work and then you end up going to the mall at lunch to buy comfy clothes stage?? Yep- I'm REALLY uncomfortable now. haha! I literally cannot wear non maternity clothes without wanting to jump out of my clothes hours later. And I HATE wearing a normal bra these days- most days I will be in a sports bra. It feels like my ribs hurt- but adding bra wire around that makes it worse :(

I am 31 Weeks now! I May be uncomfortable but I still LOVE my belly. I honestly know I will miss it in nine weeks when this baby is here. I love seeing my belly move from the outside. Making a human being is hard work but I do it all over again times ten for this baby boy. :)

Baby: Weighs as much as FOUR oranges now! What a fatty! :) Over 3 and a half pounds now and 16 inches in length! He is as big as a pineapple now! His skin is now pink and smooth. I can tell now which body parts are usually kicking me. Sometimes he puts his little back against my stomach and I give him a back rub- or at least that's what I picture. :)

Mommy: I'm tired all the time- having a lot harder time breathing since Declan sometimes hangs out in my lungs :) I'm sure daddy would give him a high five for already driving mom crazy. :)

31 week Bump Picture :)

My belly looks a little odd shaped here- but I am too lazy to take another one so this will have to do :)

Jonny and I went to California last week. I posted pics about that HERE. I did finally get a mani and pedi which are SO needed now that I can't reach my toes very well :) My baby shower is in a week and a half and I am getting SO excited for that! I just want to know what I need to get Declan so I can finish shopping. I haven't had ANY time to work on his room as of late so that was put on hold for a bit. Better get on that since my countdown is officially in the ONE digits!!!! NINE WEEKS LEFT! I have my last ultrasound on Monday at 32 weeks- I'm sure he will be super squished in there but I still can't wait to see him. :)
On another note my husband is trying to convince me of taking a TWO WEEK cruise to Europe at the end of September. Obviously my son will be coming with- but he will be almost 4 months old- SOOOO tiny to travel for that long- I am definitely a mess about this but don't want to miss out on flippen Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, and Rome. My friends that are coming with say this is the EASIEST time to travel with a baby and we should do it now rather than later. (They have six kids and I trust their judgement) but I'm curious...have any of you traveled with an infant that small???? Any advice on traveling with babies would be helpful. :) I will be talking to the doctor about this one as well...


  1. Yay for 31 weeks! I can't believe you only have nine weeks left! SO exciting :) I can't wait to see his room.

  2. How exciting!! You are almost there :) I swear it seems like you just got pregnant. Crazy! We went to New York when Connor was 5 months old and it really wasn't too bad. The hardest part I had was not getting as much sleep as I would want on vacation but it would have been like that if I was at home or on vacation haha! I'm sure a cruise would not be too bad either!

  3. traveling with a baby is not easy, they require a lot! I'm debating going or not too. would be so fun! you look cute. offended that i didn't get a shower invite.

    1. You are SO SO invited!!!! I think my invites got sent out a little late- haha! I will send you the details on facebook :) YOU SHOULD SO GO!!! We could deal with the babies together!!!! :)

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