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Sunday, March 25, 2012

How Can My Belly Possibly Keep Growing??

30 weeks down- only 10 TO GO!!!!! (As of tomorrow at least)

I honestly have NO clue how it will be possible for my belly to keep growing these next 10 weeks. Little Declan moves around SO much these days. I love it! I am assuming this will slow down real fast though since he won't have much wiggle room for long.

Baby: Weighs as much as a large cabbage (Almost 16 inches in length and around 3- 3.5 pounds!) He keeps his eyes open when he's awake now! So strange!

Symptoms: TIRED, achey, ribs hurt, not able to bend over much, NO SLEEP unless I take a unisom, definitely starting to gain some weight now- I think I am probably up about 12 pounds now since the beginning! I am hungry all the time and eat way more than I did in the beginning so I am a tad bit worried I may just keep gaining- haha! I actually did a work out this past week- FIRST time since I've been pregnant- pretty pathetic I know. I would LIKE to start working out more if possible. Still having constant braxton hicks but will be talking to my Doctor on our check up tomorrow about that.

I am getting REALLY anxious now to meet this little guy- I love being pregnant but can see how it slows down in the end- totally slowing down now. I am trying SO SUPER hard to enjoy every moment of this pregnancy- especially because I have NO idea if I can have more babies after this. Of course I will try- but you never know with my body what to expect.

Birth Plan: I have been thinking a lot about this as of late. My mother in law asked me what my birth plan was and to be honest I have NO idea. My plan was to labor as much as I could handle at home-(This may not be much since I'm sort of a wimp- ya I can admit that) head to the hospital, get an epidural and PRAY for a normal vaginal delivery.

I want to enjoy my baby of course but if the hospital offers to take him for the night I am going to try my darnest to say yes so I can get some rest. I want just my husband in the room and possibly a photographer. I feel awful about the not inviting my mom in but I kind of want the moment for my hubby and I to share. I wish I could say that I was wonder woman and could do with out the drugs- I don't think that's the case and to be honest that's what the epidural is there for so why not? I look up to you ladies that can handle that type of pain! I am not taking any birthing classes and haven't even started thinking about packing a hospital bag yet- guess I should do that sometime soon just in case.

I watched a few birthing videos- and holy cow this is starting to get me a bit freaked out- not sure if it was a smart idea at this moment. Ignorance is bliss right? :) Overall my plan is really no plan since birthing plans can change in a moments time right? What is your birthing plan?? I have read some nightmare stories of hospital births so I just PRAY that I am making the right choice here.

Ellen Show: Have you all heard of the Ellen Baby Shower show??First off I'm obsessed with the Ellen Show- she is freakin hilarious and her show is always entertaining! Well I applied and am DYING to go- that will be coming up the month before my due date (perfect timing!!) It's like Oprah's Favorite Things but Ellen style and you have to be expecting to be in the audience. Crossing my fingers I get to go!!! My husband even knows one of the producers and HE can't even get extra tickets- must be pretty tough so we'll see. If you haven't applied and your pregnant- you should!!! :) Just sayin!


  1. First of all you are absolutely gorgeous! I didn't have a birth plan for any of my pregnancies so no worries. You will be amazed at what your body can handle! And there is nothing wrong with an epidural .... They are wonderful! Lastly, I hope you get picked for the Ellen Show that would be so cool!

  2. My advice: don't over-stress a birth plan. It is awesome to know what you want and your "ideal" way for things to go...but my first birthing experience proved that you can't ever really know what is going to happen (went into labor 3 weeks early and ended up with an emergency c-section!). Just stay positive and your body will know what to do!

    Also, my 2 cents about using the nursery: DO IT! It is very difficult to get any sleep in a hospital, so do what you can to get some! I had the nurses take my babies to the nursery, but asked them to bring them back in when they needed to eat...then I would send them right back to the nursery. Babies are super cute, but can totally be noisy! Every little move or noise they make, you want to check on them. So I would say to definitely utilize the nursery at night!

  3. I 2nd the "use the nursery" at the hospital! I didn't do it with Mc because I was worried but I did it with Kingston and it was so awesome! The last kind of, night of sleep you will get for a while :) And as far as birth plans, go with what works for you. Any way you shake it, you end up with a darling baby :) can't wait to see his little face! Can't believe it is only 10 weeks away!

  4. Yay for your cute 30 week belly! I can't believe you've only gained 12 lbs so far, that's amazing. You have nothing to worry about. They recommend 25 lbs for a healthy baby, so keep eating!! ;) I made up a big birth plan too, and it went completely out of my control, so you're right, you have to stay pretty flexible. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but getting sleep in the hospital after having a baby is a myth. After 3 babies, I can't say I ever got a good nights sleep in there! There is either a nurse or a CNA coming in every few hours, even in the middle of the night, and they literally wake you up to take your temperature or blood pressure. And of course there's that other thing about feeding your baby every few hours! Anyway, I don't know what hospital you are delivering at, but a lot of hospitals are phasing nurseries out, so they baby HAS to stay in the room, unless you've had a c-section; at least that's how it is now at Chandler Hospital. Anyway, i would recommend that you learn some coping and breathing techniques for dealing with the pain of contractions, because the majority of women (myself) included had a very long beginning labor- it takes forever (sometimes days) to get from 1-4 centimeters, and the pain can be quite bad. I could barely walk without having to stop and lean on Samuel- so we went to the hospital and I was only at 2-3 centimeters. I couldn't believe it. The breathing techniques really REALLY do work, it's crazy. I really hope you get to go on the Ellen show, that would be the coolest thing ever.

    1. I didn't even think about the feeding part- haha! Shows how much I know! I forgot my baby will be attached to my boob for a while. My sister said at the hospital I am delivering at that they offer to take the babies for the night and they can just supplement the baby. You think that would be smart- or just let them come in and breast feed? hmmmmmmm- choices choices!I think I may do some reading up on the breathing techniques too- thanks for the advice ladies!!! :)

    2. AWWWW I love the pictures of your belly! The first one in black and white one with 30 weeks is SUPER cute!! Your such a cute preggy LADY! Love it!

  5. You look adorable and my only advice is - don't watch birthing videos! They are so scary! I seriously started crying when I watched one, haha! It is totally doable and you will do great! I'm so excited for you!!!!

  6. I'm way more hungry this 3rd trimester too! I figure since he's growing more and putting more weight on that must be why. Your pictures are so cute!

  7. You look great!! I know what you mean about getting freaked out about the birthing videos and plans! :o) We're getting close and it's scary! haha! How awesome would that be if you got to go on the Ellen show?!

  8. You look great. You definitely don't look like you are 30 weeks pregnant. I wouldn't get all worried about having a birth plan. I'd have just the major things all worked out and just enjoy the rest of the day, that is the best you can. We are excited for you guys! See you soon!

  9. You have the cutest belly! I know how you feel--like how can you possibly keep growing?? I felt like that at 30 weeks (okay, more like 26, 28, etc. lol) and trust me....somehow you can get bigger! I have a similar birth plan as yours...just go with the flow, pretty much. My nurses have all said that that's the way to go, so I think we're on the right track :) I hope you get to go on the Ellen show! I love her and watch her every day!!

  10. I applied for the Ellen show about a week ago and had a dream we both went. So make that producer cough up some tickets!! I want in!