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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I couldn't resist... :)

EEK! I know annoying- two posts in two days. Keep in mind I have nothing to do in life right now but work- and nothing I do at work but day dream about Declan. :) I am pretty sure after he's born I am going to have a REALLY hard time posting since I will be at home with the little guy. :) Today he was somewhat cooperating with the camera :) Majority of the time he had his foot in his mouth! Little stinker was sucking on his toes!! It was so funny to watch.

Because I am obsessed already I thought I would share a few more.

His hand on his face as always. :)
Here he is grimacing...
He's SO chunky already!I can't wait to kiss those cute lips!!!
At one point he opened real wide and you could see a huge smile of just GUMS. For some reason that picture isn't on my cd but the ultrasound tech laughed and said she had never seen gums before.
Sucking on his foot
I thought I would share the baby shower invite my sister got put together! I thought it was super cute- her and my best friend are throwing the cutest "bow ties" themed baby shower and I am SO excited for this. When I got the invite I kind of freaked for a moment seeing MY name on a baby shower invite- it didn't really register till then that this is FOR REALS.
Also I'm curious if any of you soon to be mommy's or already moms dealt with LOTS of contractions. I honestly get them ALL THE TIME. Sometimes every few minutes even. They don't hurt-so I haven't called in about it. I'm just assuming it's fine and that if I was in labor I would know? I have an actual Dr. appt on Monday so I can always ask him then- they are more annoying than anything. The lady doing the ultrasound said it wasn't normal how many I had while I was on the table hence the concern...hopefully I am just over analyzing as usual.

P.s THANK you for the responses on my little dog. I am praying everything goes well when little man get's here and she loves him like I do. I truly do think he knows already he's on his way...especially since she cuddles my belly and he kicks her...already buddies let's hope!


  1. Aw, yay! That 4th one is a great face shot :) It cracks me up how flexible they are in there! That invitation is adorable. I can't wait to hear about your shower. I haven't had any contractions yet, but hopefully your doctor confirms it's normal.

  2. I started feeling contractions with Ammon at about 31 weeks. I would feel them here and there during the day but consistently at night and they would go on for over an hour. I was told it was your body preparing for the up coming delivery and it also helps your cervix ripen. I know for a fact that I was working way too hard and too long with too much stress which adds to contractions. Even if you are sitting at a desk, it's still a lot for your little body. I stopped working on Tuesday and had Ammon on Friday and I was suppose to have 2 weeks to prepare. The same thing happened with Evelyn. I stopped working on Friday and she was born the following Wednesday 2.5 weeks early. I would just see what the Dr says, but it might be a sign you need to start taking it a little bit easier :(

  3. Oh my gosh, he is so cute already!!! I can't WAIT to see him. The shower invite is SUPER adorable, and you're right, I got chills a little too when I saw BRITTANY TASHJIAN in cute scrawly letters on top!! So, I have to say, I did not notice contractions with my first pregnancy until I was almost full-term, so about 37 weeks. I don't think it's really common to have them this early in your first pregnancy, so definitely talk to your doctor...maybe baby wants to come a little early? Having said that, I started getting them at 20 weeks with both my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies, and yes, they are really annoying. And neither of those babies came early at all, even after 20 weeks of tons of braxton hicks contractions. Sooooo...hopefully nothing to worry about!!! love ya girl!

  4. Brittany, he is such a little stud already!! I can't wait for him to come out already and play. Play dates will be a must! As for the contractions, are you drinking enough water? Sometimes they say if you're not drinking enough water or doing "too much" at once, it can cause contractions. Drink a big a glass of water and rest for 30 minutes and see if they go away. I think around 33 you will do a stress test at your drs office and they monitor you for 30 minutes on how often the baby is moving and your contractions.

  5. Declan is such a cutie! I love the posts/pictures--definitely not annoying at all :) I think everyone has a different baseline for contractions (at least that's what the doctors told me). Between 4 and 6 big ones an hour is normal for me (with lots of irritability in between), but other women might have more or less. My ute has been doing this since 20 weeks, and the only time i the contractions "meant" anything is when I went into preterm labor--and at that point, I knew something was wrong because they really hurt!

  6. So cute!! Crazy how flexible they are to where he can get his feet up there...mine likes to suck on his hands or umbilical cord! I had an appointment today and ask about some pains I was having (turns out they are ligaments) but he said if I have more than 4 contractions in an hour, whether they are pain-free or not that I should contact them. Not sure what your doctor says, but I would definatly ask :)

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