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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Little Fighter Embryo

I haven't posted these because I have been doing lots of this lately:

Thought I would post pictures of the morning of the transfer finally. Here we are in our get up- when you're doing an embryo transfer you literally can't wear makeup, perfumes, smelly hair products- nada- so we showered that morning (no lotions and potions) and headed over in comfy clothes. I took a Valium- an hour before to relax my uterus- it relaxed me enough to sleep the rest of the day though...guess I'm a lightweight. Here we are before the transfer.
When we got there the doctor came in and gave us a speech as promised on how many embryo's we SHOULD transfer. I sat in the room for 15 minutes and cried trying to decide. The embryologist gave me a picture of my embryos and said- this is your embryo- you want room for it to grow and be healthy. So that's what I did. I froze 7 other good embryo's. Dr. said it was enough for another 3 rounds of invitro (doing 2 each time) He said at his office 96% plus of the them survive after being defrosted (haha sounds so funny I froze my babies for later) Luckily those next few times I decide to do in vitro I don't have to go through stimulating more eggs (that was awful)
So here is the picture they gave us of the baby- crazy how that mass is the baby already forming- this was BEFORE it got implanted! The science is amazing to me! The Doctor puts this directly into my uterus- baby's job is then to hatch from it's outer layer and burry into the lining.

Jonny was in the room the whole time holding my hand- It was such a cool process to watch- we got to see on a big screen next to us where the doctor put the baby- so strange-
After the procedure I got lay on this table (sort of upside down) for a half hour. One of the hardest parts- having to pee like a race horse the whole time. I had to have a full bladder before the procedure- seriously thought I was going to pee my pants. Don't worry I didn't.

Here is the end result:

It takes nine days to find out if the embryo attached- the nine days after the transfer look like this:

5-Day Transfer

Days Past
Transfer (DPT)
Embryo Development
OneThe blastocyst begins to hatch out of its shell
TwoThe blastocyst continues to hatch out of its shell and begins to attach itself to the uterus
ThreeThe blastocyst attaches deeper into the uterine lining, beginning implantation
FourImplantation continues
FiveImplantation is complete, cells that will eventually become the placenta and fetus have begun to develop
SixHuman chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) starts to enter the blood stream
SevenFetal development continues and hCG continues to be secreted
EightFetal development continues and hCG continues to be secreted
NineLevels of hCG are now high enough to detect a pregnancy

This morning I got blood work done to check my hormone levels- I continue the progesterone shots in the butt (which is bruised) and wear estrogen patches- this continues till I am 12 weeks pregnant or start a period- so now I pray no period starts- I am hoping this embryo's a fighter! To keep my mind off that I leave for Hawaii bright and early tomorrow morning! :)


  1. Wow!! This is so crazy and cool to see! Thank you for sharing and it will all be worth it!!

  2. Oh man! Good luck relaxing in Hawaii! Science is amazing that it can do all of this! What a amazing individuals to have figured it out. It is so great how God can teach us these things.

  3. i'll be singing fight songs over here...

  4. Just stumbled across your blog. We just did IVF too. LOVE your record of the process! I'll be singing fight songs too! Enjoy Hawaii. Gosh that would've been nice during the wait!

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