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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Decisions Decisions

This whole time I hadn't thought twice about how many embryos we should be transferring. I knew it would be 2. Two gives a better chance of getting pregnant right? Not exactly. I guess it's not that simple. It all depends on the "grade" of the embryo's which is why the doctor will usually never tell you till the day of the transfer what he would suggest to do. In case you don't know- ONE embryo can split to TWO babies- meaning TWINS. Not bad- I could handle two- I mean I would love to catch up for all this time I've lost- and who knows how my fertility will be in the future. HOWEVER putting TWO embryo's back can split to THREE or even FOUR babies. Let's be real- four babies would be unmanageable...and dangerous- even triplets is really dangerous on the babies and the mom. They usually deliver at like 30 weeks. The doctor will call me Friday morning with more information on the "grade" of the embryo's as well as the time he wants to do the transfer (Friday or Sunday) He ALSO told me today that with how things have gone thus far our success rates are high and we will be having a serious conversation before the transfer about putting back one instead of two. He see's multiples as a big risk (for their health and mine) My end goal in all this: A HEALTHY baby! So I don't want to risk the life of one baby for a chance at another...I am reading and finding all sorts of horror stories (never good to over research online) and am at a loss. The husband says we should go for two- My Doctor says one...I have NO idea anymore. YIKES. I think being off work this week I have had too much time to think about these things. Hence so much posting. Now I am off to get ALL my laundry done, organize, pack for Hawaii (in case the transfer is Friday) So- how embryo...or TWO? Who know how this could turn out- I could literally get one, two, three, four, or NO baby- so many scenarios here to consider...How do you make that decision?!!!

I found this blog on these adorable quads- but they are still struggling in their health- it would be SO hard! They are dang cute though aren't they?

I have LOTS of praying to do!


  1. You hit in on the head Brit! Prayer is the only way! Heavenly Father knows exactly how many babies you need to have at once. I would personally pray about doing 2, and if you feel peaceful, go for it! If you feel at all uneasy, maybe that's the answer to just go for one. I am THRILLED to hear that your success rate is looking pretty high!! I think about you every day now that the countdown is really on. And just to make you feel better, my friend's older sister did deliver 4 healthy babies at once. With technology so advanced, there's never been a better time for quads- IF that crazy scenario is actually what happened. But ultimately, it would be up to Heavenly Father if those eggs were to split. So make a decision, ask if it's right, and then give yourself a few days to see if you feel at peace about it. Mother's instinct is real, and you get to start using it RIGHT NOW!!! LOVE YA!

  2. Good luck! Just remember that you don't have to make this decision on your own. You've got your spouse and more importantly you've got the Holy Ghost as your guide! He WILL help the decision seem clear, I know, as you seek his council. Go with your "gut" if you are having a hard time understanding what he is telling you because that is sometimes how he works! Good luck!