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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Baby Boy made his arrival late last night- to check out more ADORABLE pics of my sisters little one click HERE. :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Second Trimester (13 weeks down)

Yes- that's right...I MADE IT! Okay I think I have at least- I have been somewhat freaking out about the fact I haven't really been to the doctor in weeks- I was tempted to buy a doppler, and then I realized if I can't find the heartbeat myself I would freak out even more! Luckily I only have one WEEK till my next appt! Next Monday I get to hear the heartbeat again and see my regular OB, Tuesday of next week I get an ultrasound to HOPEFULLY find out the gender of my little peanut! I am actually warming up to the idea this COULD possibly be a little boy. Jonny and I narrowed down my name list and when I finally figured out a boy name it hit me that I would SO be okay with a girl or a boy. SO- here are the names thus far:

IF it's a boy:

Declan (unsure of middle name) Maybe Gray??

If it's a GIRL:

London Brielle

Jonny picked London and loves it- I have ALWAYS wanted the name Brielle (Still debating because I think it's worthy of a first name)

We also like Hudson for a boy and Brielle Rose for a girl. (Rose because that was my nick name from my dad so it means a lot to me) So- which one will it be...Declan or London??? 7 more LONG days till we know. :)

As for Black Friday- it was a success! We got all sorts of good stuff- as for the baby- I don't think he/she liked Black Friday so much. I literally threw up out side of EVERY store we went to...not kidding. Target, Michaels, Sears, Spencers, Bed, Bath and Beyond...I had a total breakdown after Bed, Bath, and Beyond- first one since all this nausea stuff started. I would usually catch myself before complaining about it- even with my husband. I couldn't stand those pregnant ladies complaining because I wanted it SO badly! So every time I would get sick- I would say: I hate...I mean I love this part of pregnancy. Then yesterday when I got the car and dealt with dry heaving pretty violently the whole way there- people staring- I started balling- and then I said it....

I am SO tired of being sick!! It's not fair- I HATE this part of pregnancy! I felt so guilty- but SO much better after saying it out loud. My husband gave me a hug, got me the dinner I wanted, and took me home to watch a movie and relax. I think every once in a while you need to just cry it out. I was tired, running on NO sleep, and was shopping all day- pure exhaustion! Was it worth it? I dunno- I got lots of good stuff for good prices! I even grabbed stuff I didn't need at all because everyone ELSE was grabbing it as quick as they could- figured it MUST be of value! I am just grateful I didn't get trompled, pepper sprayed, or shot. :)

Exciting News of the Day:

My sister is AT the hospital!!!! She is going to be given pitocin (however you spell that) at 3:30!! She has been there since late last night! SO excited to meet and hold my little nephew! I already know I am in love with this little guy!

One other exciting thing: I felt butterflies a few times this week- not sure if it's the baby- but I cannot WAIT to feel him/ her moving in there!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! Read about what I am grateful for HERE. :) Happy Turkey Day!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Infertility Competition

I think this video makes me laugh because there is always SO much competition between women- pregnant women, women with kids, and even women without children- I will be honest though- I think when you go through infertility you honestly WANT fertility treatments to work for every girl. When you go through such a LONG hard process you wouldn't wish it on anyone...BUT there are always THOSE girls who compete at everything. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw this and had to share. :) Those of you who have been through treatments and understand all the terms will love it- enjoy. :)

Monday, November 21, 2011


I got my crib this weekend! I was so excited!! I looked all over and found this sleigh crib at pottery barn that I loved! I couldn't really justify spending $600 on the crib alone though- I kept thinking of the billions of things that I have to buy in the next 6 months! So I decided to type in the EXACT crib on craigslist assuming there is NO way I would find it...I was wrong! A lady bought it brand new- barley used it and was getting rid of it for $200! I called her right away- drove to Scottsdale and picked it up! It literally worked out perfect! I now have this and the hutch and the room- now two weeks before I can pick paint colors. :)

Now what I REALLY want is this:

I think $1400 is a little much for a a changing table- we'll see- I do feel I deserve the best nursery of all time so MAYBE I can convince the husband...maybe. :)

Onto other things:

I am 12 weeks now. Ran out of zofran because my stinken insurance was not wanting to cover those meds- been sick ALL weekend while moving- but am thrilled to know I have a bottle of Zofran all ready for me to FINALLY pick up tonight- WHEW! My baby is now the size of a PLUM! Crazy! 12 weeks down and 28 to go! Starting next week it can suck it's thumb! AHHH- that is so cute to me! I can't even believe it! I am in the LAST week of my first trimester- I feel as though it's flying by- even though I've been sick- I've also kept busy. :) The days I do feel nauseated all I can think is how much I could use a break- but when I FINALLY start getting a break I freak out wondering if baby is okay- haha! This is the longest I have gone without a check up so every once in a while I get nervous. I have my next OB appointment December 5th and the gender appt December 6th! Whomever would like to join we are having a small "gender revealing/house warming" party on December 6th.

On Another Note:

One of my readers (Heather) :) Is a mom to a cute 6 year old girl. She was diagnosed with Mesothelioma (A type of cancer that kills 90- 95 % of those who have it when her baby girl was only 3 months old! She is now a survivor of this cancer- 6 years later and wants to share her story with others! I thought her story is inspirational and has the potential to help others. You can click HERE to read about the struggles she went through as a new mom with cancer. Best of luck Heather and thanks for reaching out!!


Diana, I hope you don't mind- I am adding a link to your blog- You guys will NOT believe this video- honestly CRAZY!!! Check this out over at another friends blog! This is for REAL- I couldn't believe it! Who could POSSIBLY do this to a tiny little baby?!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Never Fails to Amuse Me

I am realizing that it doesn't matter- pregnant...not pregnant...fertile...infertile- you will NEVER get away from amusing comments from random people. :) Now that everyone pretty much knows I'm pregnant- people HAVE to put put in there two cents on the subject. DON'T get me wrong- I have never been pregnant- so this is all new and I need all the advice I can get- I just love the ones that literally TELL you what to do. Example: Friend today at work notices nail polish remover at my desk- totally FREAKS out! You are NOT allowed to do your nails AT ALL when you're pregnant- OR get your hair done- OR drink ANY soda WHATSOEVER- oh boy. I have done LOTS of research obviously on what's okay and what's not okay and ultimately had to make the choice for myself. So yes- I think it's okay to do your nails and hair every so often- I am not saying I am going to BREATH in the fumes as much as possible- just that I think it's okay every once in a while. I get bad headaches unfortunately as a side effect from the nausea medication- awesome! So IF I need it I will drink a soda and take a Tylenol. Again this is not ALL day long and the only thing I drink. SO shoot me! I have a feeling this will get worse as I go- like the WHOA you look like you are having TWINS comment- I think everyone get's that at least once in their pregnancy so I've heard- not looking forward to that one.

Kicker on all this: girl who got mad about the nail polish is 6 weeks pregnant...and smoking. LOVE her...but really?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Normal Pregnant Lady...

What a happy day today was- I seriously wanted to throw myself a party- as of today I am a full blown just NORMAL pregnant lady! Can you believe it? I got to stop the patches, the vaginal suppositories, ALL the nasty hormones that were added to my already pregnant hormones! My hope is that ending the progesterone might help with the least that's my HOPE!! Okay- so a few friends have asked for a belly picture- I have been WAY too embarrassed to post pictures of belly as of now- to be honest I think it's mainly because I have felt like I like the same for the past 11 weeks- FAT! I always thought I would be SO proud of my growing bump- unfortunately when you have to produce 30 plus eggs, and be pumped up with drugs for two months BEFORE you're pregnant- it's hard to tell what is a cute little baby bump and what's not...haha! BUT- I finally agreed to take my FIRST pregnancy shot at 11 weeks along- I figure even if it stays that way a while I will want to compare it for the next babies to come- so for your viewing pleasure (ah hem: please don't make fun)

Here I am in all my glory- not too flattering I know- In all honesty my boobs have probably grown more than my belly has- that's a plus! The ladies had been needing some help up there if you know what I mean.

No this was not me after eating some massive meal- I am not sure if you are supposed to "show" this early- could be just bloating- but there ya have it folks :)

Fun Stuff: I got my first piece of furniture for the baby room FOR FREE from my Mother in Law (Thank you very much! ) I think it's fun and vintage and can't wait to doll it up for the room!

I officially have the keys to my new house and have been thinking of ideas of what to do with the room...especially because I find out in 3 WEEKS from today what I am having!!!! I seriously can't believe it! My baby this week is the size of a LIME!

What in the world? Sounds ginormous to me!! Baby is now 2 inches in length! Oh and he or she is busy playing games with her face and mouth and doing somersaults all day- OH the life of a fetus! In the next nine weeks, Baby Tashjian will increase 30 times in weight and almost triple in length! Baby is growing like CRAZY right now!

Meanwhile mom is still dealing with the occasional nausea..ya know the RUN outside of Costco and throw up on the ground kind...that was awesome :) I am ALMOST in my second trimester so WHAT the heck...when does this end?!!! Until then I am eating dozens of pickles and trying to stay awake all day at work :) I am curious still about this "pregnancy glow" everyone talks about- I would more call it a pregnancy LOW in the beginning- but HEY I am enjoying every minute of it. I am getting more and more excited everyday- and I am THRILLED that so many of my friends dealing with infertility are getting their BFP (Big Fat Positives) as well! Congrats to Sheila and Julie...and one of my other friends finds out tomorrow!!!! FINGERS crossed!!!! And my little nephew will be here in literally the next two weeks- can't wait to practice on him :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

One-Fourth Baked Baby

10 weeks down- 30 to go!!! I know it's early but I am already counting down- only 30 more weeks till our sweet baby is here!

My hormones are raging now and have wrecked havoc on my and my husband's emotional sanity.

Funny story on that:

I was being super grumpy a few nights ago- Jonny came in to give me a hug and accidentley burped in my face- which in turn caused me to do some serious dry heaving. He laughed, trying to find the humor- apologized, and I cried and looking back it was kinda funny, however in the moment I wanted to kill my husband. Moral of the story: Don't burp in a pregnant ladies face.

By the end of this week my little embryo is finally considered a "fetus." WOO HOO! Baby's brain will make an incredible 25,000 new neurons every minute this week. I swear I am loosing all my brain cells and neurons and the baby is taking them all! Baby weighs only 4 grams and measures 1½ inches, about the size of a prune. What's so strange to me is ALREADY all the little details like the baby's finger nails and little peach fuzz hair is already growing this week! It's like a tiny little miniature baby- haha so strange!he's swallowing and kicking all the time!

Side Effects: Besides being a bit tummy itches all the time and I am feeling some aches and pains, I am reading that is my stretching ligaments or something?? Nausea was SO bad yesterday- even WITH my nausea pills! All the normal side effects I suppose: headaches, constipation (TMI) I know. :)

Other good news: Set up my 14 week ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby- hope he/she is not shy! :) December 6th is the big day and I seriously can't wait! AND My due date got moved up to June 4th :)

My appt today: AMAZING. Not gonna lie- got a little teary eyed when I saw my baby moving! If you can see this video below you can see the baby's arm waving saying hi to mom and dad. Jonny and I were both freaking out for reals- I had NO idea I would see the baby move so much! She didn't catch the first part on video but it did a few body rolls- haha It was SO crazy to watch it's tiny little body move around! FINALLY got to hear the heartbeat! Most amazing sound ever- Jonny recorded it of course. We move in two weeks to our new home and I cannot WAIT to start the nursery!!!! Still in complete awe that this is really happening for us. :)