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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Second Trimester (13 weeks down)

Yes- that's right...I MADE IT! Okay I think I have at least- I have been somewhat freaking out about the fact I haven't really been to the doctor in weeks- I was tempted to buy a doppler, and then I realized if I can't find the heartbeat myself I would freak out even more! Luckily I only have one WEEK till my next appt! Next Monday I get to hear the heartbeat again and see my regular OB, Tuesday of next week I get an ultrasound to HOPEFULLY find out the gender of my little peanut! I am actually warming up to the idea this COULD possibly be a little boy. Jonny and I narrowed down my name list and when I finally figured out a boy name it hit me that I would SO be okay with a girl or a boy. SO- here are the names thus far:

IF it's a boy:

Declan (unsure of middle name) Maybe Gray??

If it's a GIRL:

London Brielle

Jonny picked London and loves it- I have ALWAYS wanted the name Brielle (Still debating because I think it's worthy of a first name)

We also like Hudson for a boy and Brielle Rose for a girl. (Rose because that was my nick name from my dad so it means a lot to me) So- which one will it be...Declan or London??? 7 more LONG days till we know. :)

As for Black Friday- it was a success! We got all sorts of good stuff- as for the baby- I don't think he/she liked Black Friday so much. I literally threw up out side of EVERY store we went to...not kidding. Target, Michaels, Sears, Spencers, Bed, Bath and Beyond...I had a total breakdown after Bed, Bath, and Beyond- first one since all this nausea stuff started. I would usually catch myself before complaining about it- even with my husband. I couldn't stand those pregnant ladies complaining because I wanted it SO badly! So every time I would get sick- I would say: I hate...I mean I love this part of pregnancy. Then yesterday when I got the car and dealt with dry heaving pretty violently the whole way there- people staring- I started balling- and then I said it....

I am SO tired of being sick!! It's not fair- I HATE this part of pregnancy! I felt so guilty- but SO much better after saying it out loud. My husband gave me a hug, got me the dinner I wanted, and took me home to watch a movie and relax. I think every once in a while you need to just cry it out. I was tired, running on NO sleep, and was shopping all day- pure exhaustion! Was it worth it? I dunno- I got lots of good stuff for good prices! I even grabbed stuff I didn't need at all because everyone ELSE was grabbing it as quick as they could- figured it MUST be of value! I am just grateful I didn't get trompled, pepper sprayed, or shot. :)

Exciting News of the Day:

My sister is AT the hospital!!!! She is going to be given pitocin (however you spell that) at 3:30!! She has been there since late last night! SO excited to meet and hold my little nephew! I already know I am in love with this little guy!

One other exciting thing: I felt butterflies a few times this week- not sure if it's the baby- but I cannot WAIT to feel him/ her moving in there!!!


  1. Congratulations on second tri! I'm glad things are going well (and you get to find out the gender soon!!), but sorry that you're still feeling so sick. I hear you. I'm almost 16 weeks and I'm still waiting for the relief that second trimester is supposed to bring... I feel bad complaining too, but at one point my husband said that "simply stating a fact" (ie: it's not fun to throw up, no matter what the reason!) isn't really complaining. I hope you feel better soon!!

  2. How exciting that you made it to the second trimester. I hope the sickness calms down soon. Thankfully the pregnancy does come to an end and we get a baby! :)