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Monday, November 21, 2011


I got my crib this weekend! I was so excited!! I looked all over and found this sleigh crib at pottery barn that I loved! I couldn't really justify spending $600 on the crib alone though- I kept thinking of the billions of things that I have to buy in the next 6 months! So I decided to type in the EXACT crib on craigslist assuming there is NO way I would find it...I was wrong! A lady bought it brand new- barley used it and was getting rid of it for $200! I called her right away- drove to Scottsdale and picked it up! It literally worked out perfect! I now have this and the hutch and the room- now two weeks before I can pick paint colors. :)

Now what I REALLY want is this:

I think $1400 is a little much for a a changing table- we'll see- I do feel I deserve the best nursery of all time so MAYBE I can convince the husband...maybe. :)

Onto other things:

I am 12 weeks now. Ran out of zofran because my stinken insurance was not wanting to cover those meds- been sick ALL weekend while moving- but am thrilled to know I have a bottle of Zofran all ready for me to FINALLY pick up tonight- WHEW! My baby is now the size of a PLUM! Crazy! 12 weeks down and 28 to go! Starting next week it can suck it's thumb! AHHH- that is so cute to me! I can't even believe it! I am in the LAST week of my first trimester- I feel as though it's flying by- even though I've been sick- I've also kept busy. :) The days I do feel nauseated all I can think is how much I could use a break- but when I FINALLY start getting a break I freak out wondering if baby is okay- haha! This is the longest I have gone without a check up so every once in a while I get nervous. I have my next OB appointment December 5th and the gender appt December 6th! Whomever would like to join we are having a small "gender revealing/house warming" party on December 6th.

On Another Note:

One of my readers (Heather) :) Is a mom to a cute 6 year old girl. She was diagnosed with Mesothelioma (A type of cancer that kills 90- 95 % of those who have it when her baby girl was only 3 months old! She is now a survivor of this cancer- 6 years later and wants to share her story with others! I thought her story is inspirational and has the potential to help others. You can click HERE to read about the struggles she went through as a new mom with cancer. Best of luck Heather and thanks for reaching out!!


  1. Congratulations on 12 weeks! I just read through your TTC history and there are so many similarities between our stories. I (and multiple doctors!) also couldn't believe my PCOS diagnosis at first because I didn't fit any of stereotypes--other than the ovarian cysts and wacky hormone levels of course lol. Sometimes I feel guilty for not going to the clinic right away, so it's reassuring to know that you also tried all the natural "remedies" first. I'm so glad that IVF ended up working for you. I can't wait to follow your pregnancy =)

  2. Awesome find! But, don't waste the money on the wall unit. I never used a changing table. Get a really nice rocker instead...