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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Never Fails to Amuse Me

I am realizing that it doesn't matter- pregnant...not pregnant...fertile...infertile- you will NEVER get away from amusing comments from random people. :) Now that everyone pretty much knows I'm pregnant- people HAVE to put put in there two cents on the subject. DON'T get me wrong- I have never been pregnant- so this is all new and I need all the advice I can get- I just love the ones that literally TELL you what to do. Example: Friend today at work notices nail polish remover at my desk- totally FREAKS out! You are NOT allowed to do your nails AT ALL when you're pregnant- OR get your hair done- OR drink ANY soda WHATSOEVER- oh boy. I have done LOTS of research obviously on what's okay and what's not okay and ultimately had to make the choice for myself. So yes- I think it's okay to do your nails and hair every so often- I am not saying I am going to BREATH in the fumes as much as possible- just that I think it's okay every once in a while. I get bad headaches unfortunately as a side effect from the nausea medication- awesome! So IF I need it I will drink a soda and take a Tylenol. Again this is not ALL day long and the only thing I drink. SO shoot me! I have a feeling this will get worse as I go- like the WHOA you look like you are having TWINS comment- I think everyone get's that at least once in their pregnancy so I've heard- not looking forward to that one.

Kicker on all this: girl who got mad about the nail polish is 6 weeks pregnant...and smoking. LOVE her...but really?


  1. I paint my nails at least once a week...I drink 1-2 cans of Diet Coke a day...I eat cold lunch meat...I color my hair...etc. There is a long list of things you shouldn't do while pregnant, but not all of them are as evil as people would have you believe. If you are worried about something, check with your doctor...otherwise, trust your body and do what you are comfortable with!

  2. I painted my nails and got my hair done, all the time..... lol. I did stop drinking caffeine but that was all a personal choice, not a big deal. Yes, you will hear that you look like you're having twins, that's a great one to hear when you feel like you weigh a million pounds. People are fabulous ;)

  3. Please email me! I have a question about your blog! :)

  4. yikes random smoker lady... that IS bad! {i am judging her right now...}

    I did all of the above {ovbiously minus the smoking} i figured since i got the hair colored at home instead of a place with more fumes it was not a huge deal. and probably still isn't. you get to make all of the calls and call all of the shots - cause this is your baby now. that's the good news!

    I did caffeine too, but i tried to make sure i had a certain amount of water first otherwise i would never make my water quota. ha!

  5. Oh geeze! She's the last person who should be giving any advice. And yes, the comments and two cents get worse as you go along. But in all honestly, I drank a soda here and there, I highlighted my hair after 12 weeks (just bc that is what my OB suggested) anndd I definitely painted my nails. I did however, stay away from deli meat unless it was heated, but thats just me. You're fine girl, and so is that precious baby!

  6. hey there!! thank you sooooo much for your sweet comment. I am now your newest follower! you asked me if I was going to findout the gender anytime soon. Well no.. it wont be until for another month. But thats ok. I can't wait! I am sooooooo excited for you and look forward to catching up on your journey!

    Those comments.. uhhh yea.. I get them ALL THE TIME TOO!! Well my mom took me to go get my hair done at 7 weeks! LOL.. and i paint my nails at least once a week. someone alert the pregnancy cops!! haha.. all you can do is smile and TRY to block it out. Just wait til after the baby is born... u will get EVEN more comments! ugh.. not looking forward to that one!

  7. I got a TON of crap for eating sandwich meat! I did the research and it's a very small chance anything can happen, but as long as you "nuke" it in the microwave before eating you are fine. (from what I read, not saying I am right or wrong, but I felt it was ok from my research.) It irratated me SO badly that others thought they needed to tell me I was going to kill my baby if I ate meat. And these people were doing/eating things while pregnant that I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole while pregnant. My baby meant the world to me and I had waited a VERY long time for her so I wasn't about to do anything to jeapordize it. Geesh! Isn't it funny! Our neighbor just had a miscarriage and although I felt terrible for her I wanted to slap her at the same time because she was smoking. Of course her baby would have issues!

    Do what YOU feel is right/wrong for you and your baby! ignore the rest. :) And it does get worse!


  8. I did all the above too. To be honest, I did everything as perfectly as I could with Raelyn. Not even pump gas into my car. And guess what, she has a congenital heart defect. Nothing I did while I was pregnant with her caused it. My other two I wasnt nearly as careful and they are fine. So I say do what you feel best for your baby. You only deserve those looks/comments if you are smoking, drinking, or doing drugs.
    Kati Merrill