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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Real Quick...

Any of you already moms know of the best sling I should be getting for the baby?? I just ordered the "free" udder cover most of you know about. If you don't go HERE and the promo code is "Family2011" You pay $11.95 in shipping but the cover is free. I got the "Jones" cover which is a blue and white material. I have seen good reviews on these and went ahead and got one. They don't have the cutest materials but you can't beat the price!

Now I found THIS website called Seven Slings- along the same lines here you pay for shipping and can use the same promo code- has anyone used this sling before?? I thought about ordering the black and white one. However I am wondering if those "Bojourn Baby" carriers are better- or the REALLY comfy looking slings that are super long but you have to figure out how to wrap it around your whole body- I think they are called Moby Wraps? They are like $60 though!!! Before I order this sling I wanted to check and see if anyone has any reviews on these things??

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Santa Brought this Year....

Gas pains, headaches, and constipation- nice I know...

If you wish to see our Christmas this year you can click HERE to see pics :)

Please feel free to skip the pregnancy journal part if you are not interested- but here it is :

How Far Along:
I am now officially 17 WEEKS tomorrow! Holy cow that sounds SO strange to me-

Baby Updates:

*Baby is 5 inches Long
*Declan now weighs a hefty 4 ounces -As much as a turnip- (His weight will increase SIX TIMES in the next 4 weeks) I am guessing I can expect some weight gain for me too :)
* Loud noises outside the womb can now startle the baby- I guess that means he can hear me now!!! CRAZY!

Symptoms: Weird dreams. HEADACHE, constipation, nausea, and MORE HEADACHES. I won't expand too much on this because I truly do hate to complain- as much as I do it...this has been a rough pregnancy (however I am grateful for EVERY moment of it) We will just say I was vomiting A LOT (including ALL fluids and almost did an ER run this week) Felt too sick to go and tried to sleep it off. Jon got a NASTY picture of me with throw up that somehow ended up all over my clothes hair, face, name it- it got EVERYWHERE!

Belly and Weight Gain: I enjoy this one so much because every person is so different and when you look online of what you are "supposed" to look like at this stage you either feel REALLY fat or really too small. Take these two gals for instance who are both first time moms, 17 weeks along, and look completely opposite- what the heck! (Neither of these are me by the way- I will try to post one soon :) As for me- I lost a few pounds this week from the throwing up but I'm sure will gain it RIGHT back with all of the Christmas goodies- belly is growing and I DID get some maternity clothes for Christmas (AND my diaper bag I wanted) thank goodness :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Need Some Advice Ladies

I REALLY had my heart set on white furniture for my nursery from the beginning. Granted- I was positive it was a girl, so white furniture fit perfectly. When I found out it was a boy- and my world was turned a little upside down my husband started to want to be REALLY involved in creating the perfect nursery for his son. He thinks white furniture is girlie- BUT was willing to compromise if I compromised some of my other ideas I had- making the room NOT really what I planned on at all. So here is the real question- do I give in?? I found a nursery room WITH the dark furniture and REALLY cute colors that I think I could make SUPER cute...the husband would be happy and thus no more complaints of the "girlie" room- or do I stick to my guns because I AM the woman of the house and therefore SHOULD make the decisions on the nursery. Here is the room I found I like- I wouldn't be making it a "space" theme- but I loved the green stripes and the navy blues together... PLEASE ADVISE.

16 Weeks

I am posting these a little late but these are pics at 14 weeks at the ultrasound place when we found out we were having a boy. You can see the complete shock in my face and the OVER excitement in my I am getting used to the idea now and am thrilled for a little boy to be joining our family. I even changed my pink blog to blue to make it more appropriate :)My mom, sister, and best friend also joined in on watching the ultrasound that day.

Baby Talk: I am only 4 weeks away from Declan being HALF-WAY cooked. :)Baby is now 4.6 inches long (about the size of an avocado)and is finally gaining some weight this week! :)His legs are finally longer than his arms which mean an ultrasound will be MUCH more human like. :) My next one is not till 19 and a half weeks though so my hope is that he will start to look a little more like a baby and less like an alien! :) My doctor was nice enough (since I am a worry wort) to give me an EXTRA dr appt this week to hear the heartbeat and for him to make sure the baby is growing properly. I am super excited for that on Thursday.

Symptoms: Still dealing with occasional nausea, acne (so attractive), mood swings for sure, and some emotional moments. For instance my husband thought I was having dinner one night with my family (because I was) and he brought home a Freddy's hamburger and fries & shake and I cried because he didn't bring me any.....I realized moments after I was being ridiculous but still scowled at him the rest of the day. Seriously though I need to get my emotions in check- things that never used to bother me make me cry. RIDICULOUS.

My headaches right now are pretty bad and pretty much ALL DAY. HOWEVER, second trimester is MUCH better than the first thus far! My energy levels are much better and I am finally feeling like my belly "looks" a little more pregnant- I think my belly size has remained the same since BEFORE I was pregnant because of all the drugs. Before the belly was ALL ovaries...slowly my ovaries are recovering and the baby is GROWING! My last belly picture looks the same if not LARGER than this one- stinken ovaires...dealing with OHSS (overstimulated ovaries) was pretty much the worst part in this whole process. Glad they are healing!

It's probably about that time I need to go get some maternity jeans- just have been too busy with Christmas and planning the nursery. I LOVE seeing how excited Jonny is for his little boy- he wants to be a part of EVERYTHING (which can be annoying when it comes to decorating the nursery the way I WANT!) I think in the end it will be me to choose most everything- I am compromising on a "few" things though. He is going to make the cutest dad I already know. He comes to every appointment possible- records EVERY heartbeat he hears and video tapes pretty much every ultrasound. Whenever he see's a father and son together he get's all giddy and says "That's gonna be ME soon!" He is JUST as excited if not more so than I am (if that's even possible)We can't wait to snuggle our little man.

Here is the picture of the nursery thus far. We still have to paint and now go buy a brand new crib. If you didn't hear my nightmare story- here is the short version: I bought a pottery barn crib on craigslist for $200- it was the EXACT crib I wanted but for $400 less. I asked the lady if it was recalled or anything crazy like that- she claimed it wasn't- I put it together to find out it was- called pottery barn and they are now giving me $600 to go buy a BRAND NEW CRIB- whatever I want! Turned out in my favor! :)

I am pretty much THE WORST at taking belly shots. This is my second ever- at 16 weeks. I had a hard time justifying taking them since I felt it all looked the same but here it is. Sorry about the bad quality. My friend at work took them because she tries to remind me to take them since I don't.

Baby Declan has been making himself "known" as of late which I LOVE. My belly bumps into random things now and I am feeling little flutters (not a lot but a few)I cannot wait to feel him move more.

P.S. DO NOT watch birth videos 5 months before you know you have to give birth- I'm scared now...

And GOOD LUCK to all you ladies finding out in the next week about your BFP! I am seeing more and more good results and am so happy for ALL of you- sending baby dust your way! :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Christmas List

This is a little (hint hint) to my husband...:)

I would like a new purple case for my awesome new phone (The Thunderbolt )

Of course I need the BEST Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag :)

And some cute maternity clothes since I have NONE thus far- literally...

And maybe a video camera for the baby- is that too much to ask?? :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I think it's time

I think it's about that time I need to change the title of my blog- I have NO clue how to change the actual website link....any ideas???

Friday, December 9, 2011

Baby Declan Ultrasound at 14 Weeks

I know- looks like I have no life but being obsessed with baby Declan right now- don't judge- husband is sick and I have nothing better to do on my Friday night. :)

p.s Husband liked the room so it's a go- looks like I won't be blogging for a while :)

I did it!

I think. :) Holy cow I have been OBSESSING over colors and nursery ideas since I found out it was a boy. I had it ALLLL figured out for a girl so I felt a little out of sorts. So I have compiled my "ideas." Taking things from pinterest and all over to combine and make my perfect nursery. My only worry now is convincing the husband that it is "manly" enough.He still doesn't like the idea of his boy sleeping in a room of white furniture- I REALLY didn't want brown and blue- it can be cute but is overdone. BUT I found something with what I think is a decent compromise. There were a few others I liked more that were too "feminine" in his eyes...SO here we go:

FIRST: The walls: I already have a white border that is around the center of the room- Jonny found a ways to make the wall LOOK like bead board (Thank you Bailey) and then we can paint it gray- THIS is to add the manly look and I STILL get my white crib! I would ALSO paint the walls that light blue on top- it would be more paint than what is in this picture though because of where the border is right now. Again- JUST pay attention to the walls in this picture. :)

THEN this: I have LOVED this cute saying and picture I found on a friends blog because of all the infertility stuff we have been through! I would of course paint the outside with probably gray and put it on the blue wall somewhere. :)

And Maybe incorporate this cute saying somehow with some vinyl lettering or Subway art:

AND my FAVORITE is that sign below- the canvas that says "You make me Happy When Skies are Gray" I want it- maybe even with the yellow to incorperate some other colors than blue and gray- so maybe tid bits of light green and yellow OH and BURLAP- LOTS and LOTS of burlap

Of course I will add some fun curtains and other things- I thought it would be fun to maybe paint these shutters- not sure what color yet- SOMEHOW to make them coordinate (blue, green, yellow) and keep the letters that tan to tie all the fun burlap in- I still don't know what bedding I will use- something that matches and is unique- I also still need some of the furniture and the chair- but I THINK I have finally narrowed down the colors enough where I can get to work on my project...:) LOTS of work to do in the next five months or so- wish me luck! :)

At this point I have NO clue if this will come together the way my mind is imagining it- OR if my husband will happen to agree with my ideas- BUT it's a start! Have to start somewhere right?!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Few Things That Made me Smile

Sorry about yesterdays "angry post" I think I needed a good pick me up today after the past few days being so sad- that and my house has been a bit dreary as of late. My poor husband had a temp of 103 degrees and of course won't let me get near him because of the babe. It was kind of cute actually- he was SUPER sick and sad- had the chills and such so I gave him our bear with our sons heartbeat- he listened to it over and over and got a big smile on his face. I think he always felt a little awkward touching my belly (since the baby was so small) and talking to it UNTIL he found out it was a boy- now he can't get enough of his little son. He may be forcing me to sell the white crib and go for dark furniture in the nursery (since his boy is MANLY- no white furniture he says) We will see about that. Argument is still going on this one. :)

SO- I pulled out my patriarchal blessing- which I had read HUNDREDS of times before I got pregnant. I always had a hard time interpreting the "Mother in Zion" part- assuming that meant- you will be a mom in heaven not here...sorry. NOW- I am re reading these with all new meanings- and each of them make me smile. :)

I obviously won't read my whole things to you since it's somewhat private and definitley sacred to me- but a few things that made me excited (in shortened version) were these:

"You are called to be a mother in Zion, mother of a righteous posterity, who will be influenced by your example. The Lord will strengthen you and make you equal to all that you are called to do."

"If you teach and nurture my children in their tender years and in their youth, they may be fortified to withstand the influences of the false values promoted by the evil one."

"Always have a love for him (my spouse obviously) that you may be united and able to overcome any disagreements that you may encounter so that the spirit of peace and harmony may prevail in your home, which will be the greatest blessing you can give to your children."

Now for those of you that are not LDS you can read my beliefs on the right side of my page where it says "My Faith." I am not sure how I would have survived the trials I did without this in my life. This also reminded me that no matter what that it's so important to make my husband's and my relationship a top priority- if we are doing good it just makes the environment so good for the baby! FINALLY getting pregnant you start to realize what's important and what you HAVE to put first to make your child's life so special. Gotta love my angry post to a mushy post- haha THAT would be hormones...:) If you are interested in my "angry post" read below. :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Feeling a little Blue

I wrote this a few days ago- I think my emotions probably got the best of me- feeling much better today and realizing how blessed I truly am. I can't let the old infertility feelings creep up right now because I FINALLY have my little blessing on the way- thought I would still share though. I'm sure some of you gals that are NOW pregnant after LOTS of trying can relate. I literally cried a lot yesterday- and even this morning thinking about the hurt- but I am trying hard to let it go.


I am truly wondering if the pain EVER goes away when you deal with infertility. I know I have said this before- being on the opposite side of the spectrum (the pregnant spectrum) is much harder than I thought. I am so excited to be pregnant- want to share every moment with every person! I also remember ALL the pain that went along with a BFN. I still have lots of readers (if they are STILL even reading at this point) waiting for their BFP still. Waiting for those two beautiful lines that feel so far away. It breaks my heart and I literally ache inside for every one of you. I feel a little on the outside now- like I CAN'T be that person who could always give an infertile girl a pick me up- "Don't worry- I have tried for seven years and cry EVERY TIME I hear an announcement." Or can tell an embarrassing story of MEAN things I have said to nosey people. Or talk about my hate of pregnant women...yes I know I was THAT girl. Read some of my previous posts to prove it. :) I have only been pregnant 4 months- this still feels new to me and I STILL ACHE for each of you! Obviously this is not about me- this is about YOU now- I just WISH and want so badly to be THAT person for you to go to still- that you can know without a doubt that I know that pain all too well. As a friend of mine told me she was struggling I wanted to make it ALL better- and know I can't. I know sometimes you need space, or can't talk about it, and that is OKAY. Part of me wonders if I should stop with the blog- just make my own journal. I guess I am just feeling a bit blue today- I WANT to make things better. I hated hearing YOUR NEXT- because you don't truly believe it in your heart. Just so many feelings- I feel in limbo and helpless- and like a TRAITOR- heading to the dark side- and there is nothing I can do to change it. :( And to be honest I feel a little upset that I all the sudden MUST NOT understand infertility because I'm pregnant- To be fair: Let's review....7 years of infertility- and TRYING pretty much the whole time- gives me a pretty darn good idea of what it feels like. I took HUNDREDS of pregnancy tests with no POSITIVES in site- I went through FOUR treatments of IVF- 7 months of chlomed and other drugs- and years of doing herbs, changing my lifestyle, standing on my head, praying, fasting, and hoping. So in closing to all of this- I feel I deserve to be REALLY happy- and yes I still remember what the pain feels like and ALWAYS will- it stings worse than anything imaginable.

Wow- rereading that I feel a bit harsh- I am hoping some of you can relate- I am just wondering if I will ever be able to help girls going through infertility again- Can I help them hope?? Or is that part of my life all over- just strange how quick things change- and how HARD change is. Even when you are super happy and been praying for so long for it.

Pictures of baby Declan

Okay yesterday was a STRESSFUL yet magical day. I literally couldn't sleep all night the night before - was WAY too excited! The next morning I woke up early like it was Christmas morning- no kidding- I was MORE excited than I ever was Christmas morning- plus it was cold out, the heater was on, I was snuggled up in boots and a coat, and running around the house telling Jonny to hurry because I didn't want to be even a minute late. I was SO nervous- I ended up drinking caffeine in HOPES that would help him not be shy...I learned something yesterday- it's SUGAR I should have had. I had a NON sugary caffeinated drink which did nothing. My little boy was comfy as he could be in my womb and was probably mad we were poking and prodding at his little home.

My mom, sister (who JUST had a baby a week ago), my hubby of course and my BEST friend all came with! When we got into the office the lady who worked there kept saying- UMMM it may be too early to tell and "You should do the cheaper package because it will look like an alien and not be worth it." I'm like REALLY lady? I am willing to pay you more money so be quiet and let me enjoy my moment! I KNEW what a 14 week ultrasound looked like- but I didn't want a picture of just his man part and then to be kicked out (which is what they do with the cheaper package) At first I was worried I should have done the cheaper one, however when I got home and REplayed the video of my little BOY on the tv...I cried and realized it was worth every penny. One day he will LOVE it! I love being able to see pictures from the CELLULAR form and up- and want as many pictures as I can get! This kid will be spoiled rotten I'm sure!

I will save you all the "dirty" BOY picture- but I can assure you it was a BOY indeed! My initial reaction was COMPLETE shock! I was like ummmm- are you SURE that is not an arm !? The best part of all of this was seeing my husband's reaction- he was totally shocked and EXCITED! It's literally ALL he talked about all day- Camping trips, how he already has his first gun, video games, transformers and toys, hunting, and ALL that fun stuff he get's to do with his son. He was a proud daddy- in fact he went out and the FIRST thing he did was go buy him a recliner that was made of leather- totally ridiculous and won't fit into my nursery ideas but I couldn't say no to him.

He lit up like it was Christmas and had a glow ALL day about his mini me. It totally melted my heart when I talked to a lot of the other moms about boys- getting SO excited now for a cuddly little boy, getting to have a little missionary, having to watch toy story 8,000 times in a day, and seeing Jonny as he LOVES on his son. Having a little boy cousin 6 months apart means they will be the BEST of friends as well! That day though we went home and had the walk through on our apartment- LAST DAY! YAY! Then was stuck unpacking, hanging stuff up, and cleaning the house for the party. The party was PURE CHAOS! Not gonna lie- I should have planned a little better because the gender announcement was a bit anticlimactic with all the children running around- LOVE them all- but Chaotic! Got me a little nervous for my boy- haha! By the time everyone left- (SUPER late) I felt like I had ran a marathon I was so exhausted- but STILL couldn't sleep with the excitement for a while- PLUS my husband had a fever and was getting sick. Awesome.

My sister was late but we finally announced it by having the kids uncover the blue balloons in a big box and watching the video- I will try to post the video a little later but MOST had already figured it out from the video- his poke was hard to miss...haha! Today I am excited to start looking EVERYWHERE for baby ideas- still in shock it's a boy. :) Makes me smile just thinking about it. And to the little bean pictures I love so much!

Here is him when he was finally kicking his legs around- he must have been VERY sleepy :)

He is maybe sucking his thumb here? I have NO idea- he kept his hands touching his face a lot of the time...

You can kind of see his little eyes here- I know these are all a little ALien but he has grown SO much in 4 weeks!

Covering his face and showing off his cute ear!

In a little ball :)
Here is him stretching out his legs- So funny!

CRAZIEST feeling last night! Had to share to document it: I have obviously NEVER been pregnant before- so I have NO idea what a baby feels like when it moves. I thought I felt SOMETHING the past two weeks a few times- but had NO idea what it was. Last night I was SURE and was amazed at what it felt like! I was sleeping and move around A LOT! Ask my husband- I somehow was sleeping on my tummy- which the doctor told me was fine and could happen but IF the blood supply was cut off for even a moment it would wake me up out of my sleep and NOT feel good. Well it happened- haha I was sleeping on my tummy -literally woke up with a pain on my right side. I felt it and it was hard- felt like it MUST have been the baby's sac because the left side was squishy- I was a little freaked because it wasn't going away so I naturally went to my computer at 4 this morning and looked it up. As I was reading random things I FELT what felt like a WORM swim across to the middle of my belly! I was TOTALLY freaked and it felt SO strange!!!! I didn't believe it- but I felt down and that sac on my right side was gone and it was squishy and normal again!!! OH MY GOSH- it was MY baby!!!! hahaha! It was SO strange- I woke Jonny up to to feel my right side and he felt it after and was totally amazed! I am SOO excited to start feeling the little movements now FINALLY! 14 weeks and SO thrilled to be feeling A BABY INSIDE ME! Still freaks me out- STILL IN SHOCK I am pregnant and have a little baby boy joining our family! Just can't wait to meet him. :) Sorry for the long post- I commend you for reading it all if you did. :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Drum Roll Please..

It's a










DECLAN! We are having a little boyfriend!!! Busy day today so pictures and video to follow- we are SUPER excited though! I was shocked, thrilled, overwhelmed, AHHH so many emotions I can't even think of anything else but this little BOY I get to hold in 6 months and cuddle :) Wanted to quickly share the news- LOTS to update soon :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Good Info for those of you with PCOS

Even though I'm pregnant now- I still have to make sure to keep my PCOS in check- especially for the fact I would LIKE to try to get pregnant naturally after this one. :)Unfortunately the anxiety STILL get's to me- here are some ways to cope I found:) I get this awesome newsletter about PCOS each month- thought I would share when I find some good information.

How's Your Mental Health?

I suspect you know this even if your doctor doesn't: A major part of your PCOS disorder is psychological and emotional.

I don't have to describe the distress, suffering, frustration, embarrassment, desperation and hopelessness many of you are experiencing. You know exactly what I'm talking about.

You are not alone, according to emerging research. For example, the University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine studied 60 PCOS women over 22 months. 40% were depressed, 17% had major depressive disorder or other depressive syndromes. This rate might have been worse but 23% of the women were taking anti-depressants.

11.6% had anxiety syndromes, and 23.3% had binge eating disorder.

56.6% of all the women had some kind of mood disorder. The Iowa researchers also noted that 18% of the women did not start out depressed but became depressed after 22 months.

They also said menstrual function, fertility and body image (weight, hirsutism, acne) were the same among both the depressed and non-depressed women. So, surprisingly, these features were not the apparent cause of the mood disorders.

In another important study, the Karolinska Institute in Sweden reported a strong association between PCOS and anxiety. They compared 30 women with PCOS to 30 women who did not have PCOS. The groups were matched for age, weight, and body mass index.

They discovered that the PCOS women were much more anxious. Their most troublesome symptoms were reduced sleep, worry, phobias, and pain.

There's no question that polycystic ovary syndrome is actually both a physical and a mental disorder.

We can't just sweep the mental/emotional part under the rug and pretend it doesn't exist. There's an 800 lb. gorilla in the room and we all need to find ways to deal with it.

Your body and being is one whole. In your body, there is no separation between your physical parts and your mental/emotional parts. Your physical and mental aspects are in constant communication with each other and influence each other.

It should be obvious that a successful treatment program for polycystic ovary syndrome would include both physical and mental components.

But think back for a moment. When your doctor gave you a diagnosis, what did he or she do? Prescribe birth control pills, tell you to lose weight if overweight, and dart out the door to the next patient?

And what about your feelings? Your emotions? Your depression and anxiety? Your stress level? I'll bet these critical issues were never discussed or dealt with.

So it's really up to you. I encourage you to acknowledge the mental aspects of PCOS and find some ways of solving the issues of depression, anxiety, binge eating, etc.

Here are a few quick ideas to get you started.

1) Find a psychologist or other mental health professional to help you. You need to get outside your little bubble of isolation and helplessness. An experienced mental health professional can be very helpful to you and give you the support you need to make positive changes.

2) Take walks. Simple physical activity such as walking can relieve depression and anxiety, reduce the urge for compulsive eating, reduce stress, and more.

3) Keep a daily journal. Doing so will help you maintain greater awareness of what's going on in your life.

4) Find some good self-help books and read them. Maybe they will give you some good ideas. Example: "Learned Optimism: How to Change Your Mind and Your Life" by Martin Seligman, PhD.

5) Ask a health professional about nutritional supplements that may help with mood disorders. Two examples are: inositol and fish oil.

Whew....Heartbeat is there! :)

No sure why but I was feeling some EXTREME anxiety this past week about my Doctors appointment- It was like all the sudden I was KNOWING I needed to protect myself just in case! I hadn't been to a doctors appointment in a whole month! I didn't get an ultrasound today- but the sound of the heartbeat (140 beats per minute) eased ALL my fears in that moment. All weekend I was picturing all our families at the ultrasound and getting some sort of bad news- just anxiety getting the best of me! Glad I am feeling so much better today!

How Far Along: 14 weeks today (3 1/2 months now!!!)

Symptoms: Nausea is still here- but I THINK dying down a bit. Two days in a row I didn't take my Zofran till 4 in the afternoon ( A Miracle I tell you!) The next day it came back again in the morning full force so we will see. My headaches are getting so bad though they wake me up from my sleep! I have broken out like I am 12- and have to take docolax to help with "Regularity" all in all though I am a happy camper still!

Weight Gain: ONE pound! haha! Could be the nausea- This next few months though I can expect to pack on the pounds!

Best Moment of the week: So far- hearing the heartbeat this morning. I have a feeling finding out the gender tomorrow though will be at the top of my list!

Food Cravings: Sour skittles this week :)

What I miss: Nothing really! Maybe I miss not getting headaches and the nausea- just a little bit :)

What I am looking Forward too: TOMORROW!!!! SO excited to know if this little bean is a girl or a boy! Then I can start figuring out nursery colors- decor- buy clothing- register and all that fun stuff!

BABY: Baby is the size of a LEMON! Only weighs one and a half ounces but it 3 and a half inches long. Baby is one third of the way done cooking now. Baby is all done with the big stuff like the organs so this week it's working on building up some fat. He or she even has fingerprints now! Baby continues to gain new and impressive skills such as practicing and controlling voluntary muscle movements. My tiny dancer's movements are no longer the jerky, uncontrollable twitches of yore—she now moves with graceful control. He or she??? We will know tomorrow...stay tuned!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Taking a Poll??

Okay I am taking a poll on the right- what do you guys think I am having- It is KILLING me at this point! I was SO positive it was a girl until we picked an actual boy name- now I have NO clue! Just a few more days till the big reveal! I am getting SO excited I can't stand it! 5 more days! I still can't believe I am almost 14 weeks!! My baby is a size of a PEACH this week- a lemon next week! I am wondering when the whole nesting phase comes in- mine has NOT hit yet- I am SO exhausted by the end of the day that I would LOVE to just be lazy and sleep- unfortunately moving is forcing me to go through LOTS of boxes! I need this phase to kick in early....:)

P.S. I bought some bella bands this weekend. LOVE them. Really good purchase so you can stay in your cute jeans- Holy cow tried to find maternity pants and it was a nightmare- they are ALL so ugly- anyone know of CUTE maternity clothes?? There has to be something good out there!