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Monday, December 19, 2011

Need Some Advice Ladies

I REALLY had my heart set on white furniture for my nursery from the beginning. Granted- I was positive it was a girl, so white furniture fit perfectly. When I found out it was a boy- and my world was turned a little upside down my husband started to want to be REALLY involved in creating the perfect nursery for his son. He thinks white furniture is girlie- BUT was willing to compromise if I compromised some of my other ideas I had- making the room NOT really what I planned on at all. So here is the real question- do I give in?? I found a nursery room WITH the dark furniture and REALLY cute colors that I think I could make SUPER cute...the husband would be happy and thus no more complaints of the "girlie" room- or do I stick to my guns because I AM the woman of the house and therefore SHOULD make the decisions on the nursery. Here is the room I found I like- I wouldn't be making it a "space" theme- but I loved the green stripes and the navy blues together... PLEASE ADVISE.


  1. Cash has dark furniture and I love it!! Although I have never really been a fan of white furniture, for a girl it would have been super cute. I think you will really love the dark, especially because you're having a boy. Cash's room is avocado green, light blue, chocolate brown and some creams and tans. The dark furniture really made the green stand out which I love! Good luck girlie, I know whatever you choose, it's going to look fab!

  2. Compromise! BUT, also remember that if there are future siblings will it work for a girl? I'm personally a dark wood fan and do find it masculine, but kassel's furniture is off white... Mainly because it was a hand me down and I painted it, but I'm not so sure I would have done white if she were a boy, I prob would have painted it black. And I also made sure to keep her walls a paint color that would be neutral and I planned on doing pops of color with curtains and bedding. I also chose a color palette that allows for boy and girl since the room will most likely be shared. And although her curtains and bed skirt are pink, I can easily take those down and make new ones, I can incorporate more turquoise blues, reds and mustard yellows to make it more masculine if we have a #2 and its a boy. I like the curtains with the bold statement!!! And go ahead and paint your walls however you choose because paint is easy to change!!


  3. My husband thought white was girlie too (we already had a white crib from Mc). I went with black/robots for K's room and it fits perfectly. I love this room that you posted!

  4. Hm, I hadn't actually thought of white being girlie and dark being boyish. I recently saw a really cute girl's nursery with all dark furniture, so maybe that's why? I think no matter what color furniture you and your husband decide on, you can make it perfect for a little boy with paint, bedding, etc. Good luck! I'm sure whatever you decide will be great =)

  5. I like dark furniture. I did what LeDawn did in Kassel's room when I had Raelyn. I knew it would be shared with the next sibling so I made it easily changeable with the next kid. I kinda regretted it because then I had a girl next and wished I made it super girly and the way I wanted it. By the time Ty came along I was ready change the decor anyway. Whether it was a girl or boy.

    Tom was the same way with Tyson. I wanted to make Tyson a rag quilt for his crib and he wanted to pick out all the fabric. He thought polka dots were girly. This was just after we moved into our AJ house and Tyson finally had his own room I could decorate for a boy. So I let him pick it out and that changed all my plans for decorating the room. It turned out really cute. I am sure what you have planned will look nice with the dark furniture.