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Friday, December 9, 2011

I did it!

I think. :) Holy cow I have been OBSESSING over colors and nursery ideas since I found out it was a boy. I had it ALLLL figured out for a girl so I felt a little out of sorts. So I have compiled my "ideas." Taking things from pinterest and all over to combine and make my perfect nursery. My only worry now is convincing the husband that it is "manly" enough.He still doesn't like the idea of his boy sleeping in a room of white furniture- I REALLY didn't want brown and blue- it can be cute but is overdone. BUT I found something with what I think is a decent compromise. There were a few others I liked more that were too "feminine" in his eyes...SO here we go:

FIRST: The walls: I already have a white border that is around the center of the room- Jonny found a ways to make the wall LOOK like bead board (Thank you Bailey) and then we can paint it gray- THIS is to add the manly look and I STILL get my white crib! I would ALSO paint the walls that light blue on top- it would be more paint than what is in this picture though because of where the border is right now. Again- JUST pay attention to the walls in this picture. :)

THEN this: I have LOVED this cute saying and picture I found on a friends blog because of all the infertility stuff we have been through! I would of course paint the outside with probably gray and put it on the blue wall somewhere. :)

And Maybe incorporate this cute saying somehow with some vinyl lettering or Subway art:

AND my FAVORITE is that sign below- the canvas that says "You make me Happy When Skies are Gray" I want it- maybe even with the yellow to incorperate some other colors than blue and gray- so maybe tid bits of light green and yellow OH and BURLAP- LOTS and LOTS of burlap

Of course I will add some fun curtains and other things- I thought it would be fun to maybe paint these shutters- not sure what color yet- SOMEHOW to make them coordinate (blue, green, yellow) and keep the letters that tan to tie all the fun burlap in- I still don't know what bedding I will use- something that matches and is unique- I also still need some of the furniture and the chair- but I THINK I have finally narrowed down the colors enough where I can get to work on my project...:) LOTS of work to do in the next five months or so- wish me luck! :)

At this point I have NO clue if this will come together the way my mind is imagining it- OR if my husband will happen to agree with my ideas- BUT it's a start! Have to start somewhere right?!


  1. I support ALL your ideas! Special the gray and light blue color oh and the shutters with the name SUPER cute! Going to be the cutestest nursery ever!! LOVES!

  2. Geeze girl you make me tired just reading about all this planning! :) I loved the first saying!! Have fun with it all! You are much better than I am. I get too cheap and plus I've only ever rented and never know how long I'll be in a place. One day I'll be more excited to decorate when I can plan on a couple years in a place. I do think I want to do a cowboy theme or monkey's for my little boy, but he has to share the room with his sister. I also love trucks, sports, hunting, and animals because that is what Rob loves to do. Good luck!