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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Taking a Poll??

Okay I am taking a poll on the right- what do you guys think I am having- It is KILLING me at this point! I was SO positive it was a girl until we picked an actual boy name- now I have NO clue! Just a few more days till the big reveal! I am getting SO excited I can't stand it! 5 more days! I still can't believe I am almost 14 weeks!! My baby is a size of a PEACH this week- a lemon next week! I am wondering when the whole nesting phase comes in- mine has NOT hit yet- I am SO exhausted by the end of the day that I would LOVE to just be lazy and sleep- unfortunately moving is forcing me to go through LOTS of boxes! I need this phase to kick in early....:)

P.S. I bought some bella bands this weekend. LOVE them. Really good purchase so you can stay in your cute jeans- Holy cow tried to find maternity pants and it was a nightmare- they are ALL so ugly- anyone know of CUTE maternity clothes?? There has to be something good out there!


  1. I voted girl :) I can imagine how excited you are to find out! Hopefully the nesting urge kicks in soon.

  2. I never found cute maternity clothes..... I ordered 1 pair of pants from Old that I liked and I just dealt with everything else because nothing else fit :(

  3. I got a pair at Ross, but my build is so different than yours that it is difficult to know. Good luck finding cute stuff and enjoy being able to have a big belly and love it!