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Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Few Things That Made me Smile

Sorry about yesterdays "angry post" I think I needed a good pick me up today after the past few days being so sad- that and my house has been a bit dreary as of late. My poor husband had a temp of 103 degrees and of course won't let me get near him because of the babe. It was kind of cute actually- he was SUPER sick and sad- had the chills and such so I gave him our bear with our sons heartbeat- he listened to it over and over and got a big smile on his face. I think he always felt a little awkward touching my belly (since the baby was so small) and talking to it UNTIL he found out it was a boy- now he can't get enough of his little son. He may be forcing me to sell the white crib and go for dark furniture in the nursery (since his boy is MANLY- no white furniture he says) We will see about that. Argument is still going on this one. :)

SO- I pulled out my patriarchal blessing- which I had read HUNDREDS of times before I got pregnant. I always had a hard time interpreting the "Mother in Zion" part- assuming that meant- you will be a mom in heaven not here...sorry. NOW- I am re reading these with all new meanings- and each of them make me smile. :)

I obviously won't read my whole things to you since it's somewhat private and definitley sacred to me- but a few things that made me excited (in shortened version) were these:

"You are called to be a mother in Zion, mother of a righteous posterity, who will be influenced by your example. The Lord will strengthen you and make you equal to all that you are called to do."

"If you teach and nurture my children in their tender years and in their youth, they may be fortified to withstand the influences of the false values promoted by the evil one."

"Always have a love for him (my spouse obviously) that you may be united and able to overcome any disagreements that you may encounter so that the spirit of peace and harmony may prevail in your home, which will be the greatest blessing you can give to your children."

Now for those of you that are not LDS you can read my beliefs on the right side of my page where it says "My Faith." I am not sure how I would have survived the trials I did without this in my life. This also reminded me that no matter what that it's so important to make my husband's and my relationship a top priority- if we are doing good it just makes the environment so good for the baby! FINALLY getting pregnant you start to realize what's important and what you HAVE to put first to make your child's life so special. Gotta love my angry post to a mushy post- haha THAT would be hormones...:) If you are interested in my "angry post" read below. :)

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  1. That's awesome, and wonderful and beautiful advicE!