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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Real Quick...

Any of you already moms know of the best sling I should be getting for the baby?? I just ordered the "free" udder cover most of you know about. If you don't go HERE and the promo code is "Family2011" You pay $11.95 in shipping but the cover is free. I got the "Jones" cover which is a blue and white material. I have seen good reviews on these and went ahead and got one. They don't have the cutest materials but you can't beat the price!

Now I found THIS website called Seven Slings- along the same lines here you pay for shipping and can use the same promo code- has anyone used this sling before?? I thought about ordering the black and white one. However I am wondering if those "Bojourn Baby" carriers are better- or the REALLY comfy looking slings that are super long but you have to figure out how to wrap it around your whole body- I think they are called Moby Wraps? They are like $60 though!!! Before I order this sling I wanted to check and see if anyone has any reviews on these things??


  1. I have the black and white sling from "Seven Slings"...I like it, but I don't love it. I feel like Olivia is always squished in there uncomfortably (of course, she always falls asleep and doesn't seem to mind if at all).

    I also have a Kelty carrier, which is similar to the Baby Bjorn carrier...I used it once with Riker when he was a newborn and several times when he was older (like 6 months). Totally comfortable, but a tad bulky for everyday use.

    I totally want a Moby wrap...they seem totally comfortable for mom and baby. The price is what keeps me from buying it. I mean, it's just one long piece of fabric! But I did find a "tutorial" to make a wrap for cheaper...maybe you can try it:

  2. I don't have tons of first-hand experience, but everyone I know seems to love the Baby Bjorn. However, like pp said, I do think it's a bit bulky... I've always liked the idea of a sling, and that one looks nice. Let us know what you decide (and congratulations on getting started on this stuff so early! I have a feeling I'll be learning a lot from you!)

  3. I hear the Moby wrap is the best, but personally I feel like it's TOO many layers for this ridiculously HOT place we live in. The bjorn was my life saver!!! And I actually have the sevensling and HATE it! Kas would FREAK out every time I tried to put her in it and still do this day I can't make it work! However, I do have friends who use it and like it. Honestly, from what I hear, each baby is different. Register for all of the carriers and if you dont get a certain one borrow one from a friend before buying one to see if the babe likes it. :) Use the tutorial above to make a moby! I have been wanting to try it since knit is MUCH cheaper than buying a moby, but I just haven't had the cash or time. I do suggest getting the happiest baby on the block and reading it before the babe comes! I swear his theory is right on and he is very PRO baby sling/carriers so most definitly get something! :) Esp if he ends up being colicky!

  4. I had a baby bjourn with Owen and hated it. I always felt like he was going to fall out.(could be because he was born so little) I have a moby now and LOVE it. I don't think it gets too hot, the material is pretty light weight. My friend and I made ours, split the cost of fabric and it came out to like 15 bucks each. Another plus to the moby is that you can breastfeed baby while walking around and no one sees anything.

  5. I'm based in the UK and just starting to look into slings. I've heard the Baby Bjorn is pretty good though? :)

  6. I have a green Moby wrap that I got to use with Hudson, but ended up not using it. It's yours if you would like it. Message me on Facebook if you want it. :)

  7. I had a Moby Wrap and Ammon screamed being inside it. I got it because they say "baby wearing" helps with colic, which Ammon had. Either way, he hated it and I gave it away to a friend. I have a snuggly that can be worn on the front or the back when they get bigger, it seems to be working great for Evelyn!