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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Santa Brought this Year....

Gas pains, headaches, and constipation- nice I know...

If you wish to see our Christmas this year you can click HERE to see pics :)

Please feel free to skip the pregnancy journal part if you are not interested- but here it is :

How Far Along:
I am now officially 17 WEEKS tomorrow! Holy cow that sounds SO strange to me-

Baby Updates:

*Baby is 5 inches Long
*Declan now weighs a hefty 4 ounces -As much as a turnip- (His weight will increase SIX TIMES in the next 4 weeks) I am guessing I can expect some weight gain for me too :)
* Loud noises outside the womb can now startle the baby- I guess that means he can hear me now!!! CRAZY!

Symptoms: Weird dreams. HEADACHE, constipation, nausea, and MORE HEADACHES. I won't expand too much on this because I truly do hate to complain- as much as I do it...this has been a rough pregnancy (however I am grateful for EVERY moment of it) We will just say I was vomiting A LOT (including ALL fluids and almost did an ER run this week) Felt too sick to go and tried to sleep it off. Jon got a NASTY picture of me with throw up that somehow ended up all over my clothes hair, face, name it- it got EVERYWHERE!

Belly and Weight Gain: I enjoy this one so much because every person is so different and when you look online of what you are "supposed" to look like at this stage you either feel REALLY fat or really too small. Take these two gals for instance who are both first time moms, 17 weeks along, and look completely opposite- what the heck! (Neither of these are me by the way- I will try to post one soon :) As for me- I lost a few pounds this week from the throwing up but I'm sure will gain it RIGHT back with all of the Christmas goodies- belly is growing and I DID get some maternity clothes for Christmas (AND my diaper bag I wanted) thank goodness :)


  1. Oooh, ohh post a picture of you!! I'm 12 weeks, and am already starting to find it hard to button my pants. It's very true though, everyone is different!! And all of our babies and bodies are different. I'm going to start taking weekly belly shots so I can really see a difference through this pregnancy. So exciting!

  2. I was always instantly bloated, I remember the Dr said at my 13 week appointment, "yeah you are definitely bloated, not baby fat yet" lol - Thanks! You can complain and still be grateful/happy.