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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Quick Update/ Level 2 Ultrasound

You can see in the above picture the white calcium spot on his heart they were concerned about. And below was a cool shot of his spine.

And my favorite of course- Introducing my little buddy Declan. I think he's dang cute already weighing in at 1.6 pounds!

I thought I would give a quick update On Declan before I leave out of town. I'm so sorry to those of you I din't return calls and texts to this morning- it has been a bit chaotic as you can imagine. We left for our appointment at 8 am this morning and the appointment was literally 3 hours long which I didn't expect! The ultrasound itself was an hour long and then we had to wait for the Dr to come in and talk to us. I was somewhat a nervous wreck. Plus my son decided that he wanted to cover his face THE WHOLE time again. I wanted to cry. He moved for about.2 seconds and out of 130 pictures on my dvd she gave me 4 of them were of his face. Goodness. Stubborn boy I tell you! He did yawn twice which was probably the cutest thing I have ever seen on ultrasound, but she didn't catch it on video.

The doctor finally came in and talked 100 miles per minuite. All I kept hearing over and over was "down syndrome." Of course my heart sank and was trying my best to understand everything she was saying. She honestly spoke faster than anyone I had ever met! So rude to talk to parents that way that are a nervous wreck and have NO clue what she is talking about. Then she said we had 3 options. #1. was toget some blood work that is REALLY expesive (like 2 grand) which will give us 99% surety of him having down syndrom. #2 Do the amino testing which can result in a 1/400 chance of miscarriage but again tell us for sure results. And THEN she continues to say at that point if we decided to abort we could still do that in some states (WHAT THE FREAK!?!!!) I was in total shock. THEN of course the last one was #3. Take your chances and not worry about it since he has a 1/300 chance of having down syndrome. hmmmm. DUH! Take my chances lady! Are you crazy?! Goodness- she even KNEW I had done in vitro to get pregnant. Why in the world you would leave that option for last I have NO idea.

Good News is that his kindeys looked in normal range for his size. Not even considered dialated anymore (in fact one was smaller than what his last ultrasound showed.) I guess this is pretty common for boys anyways. Also the calcium spot on his heart shouldn't cause him ANY issues at all. Chances are he will be a super healthy little baby boy. He was showing 4 days smaller than his due date- which made sense considering my in vitro Doctor swears my due date (since he IS the one who implanted me) is the sixth of June not the fourth. With that he would be two days behind on growth (normal range is anywhere within ten days at this point) He was 1.6 pounds. A little small but NOTHING to be worried about. I am super happy with how things turned out today. I have decided not to do the amino or the bloodwork- we will love this boy the same no matter what. I am just grateful that I was blessed with such an amazing gift. We should be doing another ultrasound later on to check his size but that's about it! I'm a happy mamma today!!! :) Have a great week everyone and THANK YOU for your prayers and support! All the prayers worked!! :)


  1. I am so happy that you are feeling good about everything! That's most important. I can see his sweet face - so cute! Enjoy your vacation!!! :)

  2. I am always so impressed with how well you are handling this situation. I respect the fact that everyone must make the right decision for him/herself, but as another mom to be who would not consider terminating due to the possibility of down syndrome, I am always surprised when doctors seem to offer hat option first. Hang in there, mama! Your little cutie is going to be perfect no matter what!

  3. I've been thinking about you and Jonny daily! I am glad you're at ease now, sweet little Declan is a gift from heaven and he picked YOU guys as his parents, if that doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will. You and Jonny will be the best parents ever. Enjoy your trip, when you get back, I am taking you out to lunch/dinner and a pedicure, no excuses, I'm doing it. Can't wait to meet Tillman's best friend...and Lukes! It'll be a wild trio! Love you both. Smile pretty momma!

  4. Such cute pictures! Praying everything turns out fine... which I KNOW it will! I dont know why doctors have to freak us out about such things. I've heard this story over and over again that something is "wrong" with the baby, or they should abort the baby, and that baby turns out perfectly healthy! God gave you this little boy for a reason and he will be just perfect!

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