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Saturday, February 18, 2012

extended vacation

I am posting from my ipad so we will see how this goes! I wanted to post a quick update that my babymoon has officially been extended one week later. We last minuite decided to book a cruise headed out from San Juan Puerto Rico. I am super excited since lets face it cruise plus pregnant woman equals pure bliss. Im sure I will be nice and plump when I return with LOTS of pictures to share! I wont have access to any internet so all you babies trying to come early stay put! Still praying for each of you! I am loving every moment out here...Declan is too!! He has been kicking me nonstop! Hope everyone has an amazing week! Excited to hear all your updates when I get back.:]


  1. Have so much fun! You deserve it. Enjoy the sun and good weather!

  2. YOUR SO LUCKY!!! Can't believe you have been gone for so long!! DYING without you my love! Hurry back and be safe love you tons!!

  3. Ahh sooooo happy you're enjoying yourself!! Glad to hear mommy and declan are super happy:)!!! You guys deserve it!