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Monday, February 13, 2012

24 Weeks (6 MONTHS!) V Day

How Far Along: I am confused at this. 24 weeks for sure. I have NO clue on the months part though- every website is different. Most say I am now six months (some say I was 6 months 2 weeks ago) What in the world! Either way OH. MY. GOSH! I’m 6 months ALONG! YAY! And if my baby decides to come early he is now a VIABLE baby. Not sure how 23 weeks is much different than 24- but in Dr.’s terms he is now a baby!

Symptoms: BACKACHES (my belly must be getting bigger), Bruised Rib- I swear he kicked my rib and bruised it…it hurts, headaches, random nausea, Sleep issues, and bending over is getting TOUGH these days.

Braxton Hicks: This is embarrassing. I have been having these for over a month now- had NO idea! Haha! I though that the baby would just move his body WAY up high which was making my tummy REAL hard. Nope- Braxton Hicks…quite a few actually. They don’t hurt though- just feels strange. At least I think that's what they are now...

Baby: Baby is about 13 inches long now. Probably about a pound and a half. Baby's got a fully developed inner ear now. This means his sense of balance is working and he can tell whether he's hanging upside down or right side up. He is kicking me like crazy now- Jonny is FINALLY feeling him a lot. I even took a video of him kicking and can see it on the outside of my belly now. I will save you from watching the video of my white belly for now. :)

Looking forward to: My next appointment! I have my ultrasound tomorrow and then 3 weeks after that I see my doctor for the dreaded Glucose Test. (I wouldn’t say I am looking forward to that part) I am obviously a tad bit nervous for tomorrow but more excited than anything to see him and hopefully get pictures if he decides to show his face and not be shy!

Me: Found out my uterus is around the size of a watermelon- this sounds about right.

Cravings: MILK-but Jonny says it has too many hormones and will hardly ever buy me the good stuff. He get’s me almond milk and nasty stuff like that…LAME. I also was craving a chocolate cake with my favorite rainbow chip icing- so I made one and ate almost the whole thing myself…haha! DELISH.

Updates on Room: Slowly but surley working on stuff. I made these ribbon trees for his room and have a tutorial on how I did them HERE if you are interested.

I will be in beautiful San Juan Puerto Rico tomorrow- enjoying LOTS of delicious foods and playing on the beach! Hope everyone has a good week! And for those in the hospital still right now KEEP your babies in as long as you can! Praying for you DAILY!

Updated Belly Shot taken today in the ladies restroom at work. Nasty I know. It was the best I could do today for 24 weeks. Don't worry- everyone will get a nice bare belly picture next week since the only swimsuit I fit into is a bikini. I figure baby Declan needs to get his Rays too :)

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  1. I hope you have a wonderful ultrasound (and get pictures of baby Declan!!) and a fantastic vacation!! Happy v-day...oh, and valentine's day too =)