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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

22 Week Update

Baby Size: About 11 inches (I whole pound!) About as long as a pack of oreos and as heavy as a bag of tortilla chips! Or from another site he is as big as a squash! Haha- still makes me laugh it's always compared to food!

Baby: My little boy is busy touching his face and starting to understand "touch" He can hear outside the womb- in fact if he hears something loud it will startle him and can even cause him to cover his ears (AHHHH SO CUTE!!!!) They say mommies voice can be soothing so I tried actually talking to him the other day and he started MOVING! So cute! It's such an amazing bond to make!

His hair has no pigment or color right now but is growing if he's going to have hair! :) He can even taste strong flavors in the amniotic fluid now because of his little taste buds. He may even grimace if he doesn't like the flavor of something- makes me wonder if all that hot sauce at taco bell isn't a good idea :) His lungs are also starting to develop. He also has a sleep cycle of about 12 hours a day.
Symptoms: Bach aches, some nausea still, headaches, Growing pains, all the normal stuff :) I am feeling just really grateful right now and excited. I should be more nervous for my ultrasound in a few days- for some reason I feel at peace that everything is going to be okay and can't wait to see how Declan has changed in this past month!

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Today my best friend, my sister, and I went to lunch to plan the baby shower- I still don't believe that it's MY baby shower- so strange. Not gonna lie- been feeling kind of anxious about this whole shower thing anyways. All of my close friends have had LOTS of babies and I was too stuck in my infertility crap to go to their showers. It wasn't that I wasn't happy- or didn't want to celebrate- more that I was a nervous wreck I would fall apart and start crying half way through it. I also felt so incredibly left out. Again- no one's fault at all. If they would ask how I'm doing all I could say was "Just working- ya know the same old stuff." I have this fear of no one showing up at my shower since I was hurt too bad to go to anyone elses. My anxiety tends to get the best of me in any situation. I am trying SO hard to just let it go and just enjoy every moment right now. Any of you infertiles relate to this?!!

As for a belly pic- I will post one on Monday along with updates on Declan! This one was taken last week for week 21 and please ignore my p.j's. Although they are the most comfy p.j's in the whole world and I wear them almost every night!

But the belly is getting bigger and my belly button is slowly flattening out. I'm pretty sure there is NO way I couldn't have gained a good 5 pounds after all the food I ate the past few weeks! Things are moving right along :)


  1. You've got a cute belly bump!!

  2. Oh my gosh, you're adorable! I am so excited to hear about your ultrasound. I am praying it all goes well, and I have a feeling it will =)