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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pictures of baby Declan

Okay yesterday was a STRESSFUL yet magical day. I literally couldn't sleep all night the night before - was WAY too excited! The next morning I woke up early like it was Christmas morning- no kidding- I was MORE excited than I ever was Christmas morning- plus it was cold out, the heater was on, I was snuggled up in boots and a coat, and running around the house telling Jonny to hurry because I didn't want to be even a minute late. I was SO nervous- I ended up drinking caffeine in HOPES that would help him not be shy...I learned something yesterday- it's SUGAR I should have had. I had a NON sugary caffeinated drink which did nothing. My little boy was comfy as he could be in my womb and was probably mad we were poking and prodding at his little home.

My mom, sister (who JUST had a baby a week ago), my hubby of course and my BEST friend all came with! When we got into the office the lady who worked there kept saying- UMMM it may be too early to tell and "You should do the cheaper package because it will look like an alien and not be worth it." I'm like REALLY lady? I am willing to pay you more money so be quiet and let me enjoy my moment! I KNEW what a 14 week ultrasound looked like- but I didn't want a picture of just his man part and then to be kicked out (which is what they do with the cheaper package) At first I was worried I should have done the cheaper one, however when I got home and REplayed the video of my little BOY on the tv...I cried and realized it was worth every penny. One day he will LOVE it! I love being able to see pictures from the CELLULAR form and up- and want as many pictures as I can get! This kid will be spoiled rotten I'm sure!

I will save you all the "dirty" BOY picture- but I can assure you it was a BOY indeed! My initial reaction was COMPLETE shock! I was like ummmm- are you SURE that is not an arm !? The best part of all of this was seeing my husband's reaction- he was totally shocked and EXCITED! It's literally ALL he talked about all day- Camping trips, how he already has his first gun, video games, transformers and toys, hunting, and ALL that fun stuff he get's to do with his son. He was a proud daddy- in fact he went out and the FIRST thing he did was go buy him a recliner that was made of leather- totally ridiculous and won't fit into my nursery ideas but I couldn't say no to him.

He lit up like it was Christmas and had a glow ALL day about his mini me. It totally melted my heart when I talked to a lot of the other moms about boys- getting SO excited now for a cuddly little boy, getting to have a little missionary, having to watch toy story 8,000 times in a day, and seeing Jonny as he LOVES on his son. Having a little boy cousin 6 months apart means they will be the BEST of friends as well! That day though we went home and had the walk through on our apartment- LAST DAY! YAY! Then was stuck unpacking, hanging stuff up, and cleaning the house for the party. The party was PURE CHAOS! Not gonna lie- I should have planned a little better because the gender announcement was a bit anticlimactic with all the children running around- LOVE them all- but Chaotic! Got me a little nervous for my boy- haha! By the time everyone left- (SUPER late) I felt like I had ran a marathon I was so exhausted- but STILL couldn't sleep with the excitement for a while- PLUS my husband had a fever and was getting sick. Awesome.

My sister was late but we finally announced it by having the kids uncover the blue balloons in a big box and watching the video- I will try to post the video a little later but MOST had already figured it out from the video- his poke was hard to miss...haha! Today I am excited to start looking EVERYWHERE for baby ideas- still in shock it's a boy. :) Makes me smile just thinking about it. And to the little bean pictures I love so much!

Here is him when he was finally kicking his legs around- he must have been VERY sleepy :)

He is maybe sucking his thumb here? I have NO idea- he kept his hands touching his face a lot of the time...

You can kind of see his little eyes here- I know these are all a little ALien but he has grown SO much in 4 weeks!

Covering his face and showing off his cute ear!

In a little ball :)
Here is him stretching out his legs- So funny!

CRAZIEST feeling last night! Had to share to document it: I have obviously NEVER been pregnant before- so I have NO idea what a baby feels like when it moves. I thought I felt SOMETHING the past two weeks a few times- but had NO idea what it was. Last night I was SURE and was amazed at what it felt like! I was sleeping and move around A LOT! Ask my husband- I somehow was sleeping on my tummy- which the doctor told me was fine and could happen but IF the blood supply was cut off for even a moment it would wake me up out of my sleep and NOT feel good. Well it happened- haha I was sleeping on my tummy -literally woke up with a pain on my right side. I felt it and it was hard- felt like it MUST have been the baby's sac because the left side was squishy- I was a little freaked because it wasn't going away so I naturally went to my computer at 4 this morning and looked it up. As I was reading random things I FELT what felt like a WORM swim across to the middle of my belly! I was TOTALLY freaked and it felt SO strange!!!! I didn't believe it- but I felt down and that sac on my right side was gone and it was squishy and normal again!!! OH MY GOSH- it was MY baby!!!! hahaha! It was SO strange- I woke Jonny up to to feel my right side and he felt it after and was totally amazed! I am SOO excited to start feeling the little movements now FINALLY! 14 weeks and SO thrilled to be feeling A BABY INSIDE ME! Still freaks me out- STILL IN SHOCK I am pregnant and have a little baby boy joining our family! Just can't wait to meet him. :) Sorry for the long post- I commend you for reading it all if you did. :)


  1. That's so awesome!! All of it! Yes-- all those kids running around was CRAZY, even for me! ;) If you are feeling baby move, that's amazing, and something you will adore for the rest of the pregnancy. Sooo cool. Well I want to find out the gender of my next baby at 14 weeks, so you'll have to let me know where you went to get it done.

  2. This is so exciting. I love being able to feel the baby move. It is so great and comes more and more! As I was reading this my baby was just a moving. This little boy of mine has been a mover and I love it. It eases my worries that everything is going well and makes the whole thing so real! Congrats on the boy! Some people love being able to doll up their girls, but I'll be honest I'm looking forward to not having to worry about if I have a matching hair bow/flower and such so that people know it is a boy. :)OH and my epidural story wasn't bad, it just didn't take very well, I still felt a lot of my back labor and it really slowed me down. But plenty of people LOVE them and they work great. Just hoping to speed up the process, save a little money, and try something different.

  3. Just you wait till his little foot presses on your tummy and you see a bulge! That scared me when Zach did that for the 1st time. I woke my hubby. Lol. I am so excited for ya! It was hard for me to not sleep on my tummy with my 1st too. A good page I liked to go to with both my kids was Love that page and still use it time to time. I did not get to find out the gender until after 20 weeks so your lucky to find out!

  4. Aww congratulations on your little boy!!! So exciting!

  5. Soooo sooo excited for you guys! I have been thinking my baby is a boy since day 1, I also heard fertitly treatments are usually boys. Just a few more weeks and I'll know for sure. I love this excitement!!
    Congrats!! Lil boy momma