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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sending Prayers/ Good Vibes/ and Chicken Dances My Way

Babies are out. All 29 of them. :) Couldn't believe there were that many eggs in there! Getting excited! We arrived in Scottsdale at 7 am- Jonny took a before picture of my "bloated" belly- Although I think it still looks this bloated without the eggs- dang swelling ovaries!

Here is Jonny anxiously awaiting to do "his part" haha! poor guy- I swear the lady looked at us like we were crazy that we didn't want any "extra materials" to help him out. Really though? My babies are not gonna be starting from THAT stuff!

Here I am in all my glory- dressed up from head to toe to get put under.

And the awesome IV that gave me amazing drugs so I could sleep the whole time.
And post procedure- a very UN attractive picture of me all drugged up and NO more eggs! :) On the way home I was in A LOT of pain on my left side (felt like when I had a cyst burst) So I took MORE drugs and slept the entire day. No joke- The Mr. wouldn't let me do a thing- said my "uterus needs to get ready for implantation." It's so sexy to hear your husband speak fertility code- haha! He bought me a jamba juice and an Einstein bagel and I was happy as a clam after that. I can already feel my hormones calming down today. I am not lyng about that- had some major crying episodes the past few days over really silly stuff- and just looked pure evil. You could see my anger on the outside- haha whew! Glad that's going away! NO MORE tummy injections!
Tonight I started the first "intermuscular"(into the butt!) injections much more painful than the ones going into your fat- Luckily I had lots of padding for the belly ones- the ones into your muscle just hurt! I take these until I get a positive pregnancy test and than take vaginal suppositories instead. Awesome huh? So now I take oral medications that make it so my uterus accepts the embryo's, wear patches for estrogen, and take progesterone shots! SHEESH! Feels never ending! And check out that sucker??

If you are dealing with in vitro or have done in the past YOU know- it is like a full time job keeping up with all this stuff- and consumes every thought of your mind! Starting tomorrow I get daily calls telling me how the babies are doing- how many fertilized, which ones are growing properly and such! SO- Please send all prayers, good vibes & chicken dance my way. :) I could use it all!!! At least those embryo's can! 4-5 days till they will be planted BACK into my tummy to start growing where they belong! :) GROW BABIES GROW!!!!


  1. It's amazing the science of it all & as my hubby keeps telling me, it will all be worth it in the end. All the stress & hormones that make you feel crazy, all the pains & twitches all be worth it. I wish you best of luck & send you good baby vibes. My cousin & her hubby tried for 12 years & then did invetro, they now have 6 year old twin girls & a 21 month old little girl thanks to the miracles of science. Keep up the positive spirit! I

  2. My good vibrations... Comin your way. Hope you can feel em! And thanks for all the juicy details- it's fun learning how this all works! Good luck!

  3. I am sooo happy for you! Hope you are feeling better! Ice the spot before you do your shot it really helps, I had to do shots for the entire time of my pregnancy.

  4. Wow I never realized how much work this took! That is crazy! Thanks for sharing all the details I am enjoying learning all about this and I am getting so excited for you!! Good luck!

  5. whew. deep breath! (me...I just took one after reading that.) I am so happy for you and all those eggs. i have had one intramuscular shot in my life and IT HURT A LOT so I think I might know what you mean! GOOD LUCK with all that stuff! Grow babies grow...chanting it...praying for it.

  6. Wow! What a crazy, hard, amazing experience this looks like! You are a trooper Britt! We are excited for you guys!! You are in our prayers! Thanks for sharing!