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Friday, September 16, 2011

Good/ Bad News

Let's start with the awesome news that has kept me going today. :)

A. I get to go see my best friend get married tomorrow!!!!! :) I am so happy for her finding true happiness- and I think she will make a pretty SEXY bride- just sayin. :)

B. My babies are FANTASTIC!!! ONE more little follicle decided to miraculously fertilize a few days later (what a trooper!) the other 17 already fertilized eggs have now grown into 8- 12 celled embryos!! YAY! They also graded each of them today. Embryos are graded based on a lot of different things- Grade 1 being the absolute best. Grade 2 and 3 are also pretty dang good. I had 8 grade ONE embryos, 7 Grade 2 embryo's, and 3 grade 3's. The embryologist told us we will be coming in Sunday morning bright and early- 8:30 am to do a transfer! She said they can change A LOT in the next 2 days and will be 70-80 cells. She said mine will be "beautiful blastocysts by then and very likely to implant! :) She said she was MORE than happy with our results and we should have a good amount to freeze for later.

They will look something like this:

My tummy on the other hand was not doing better. I can't sleep AT ALL (tried LOTS of Tylenol PM and NOT working! )can't walk around much, tummy is MASSIVE and hurting, can't lay on my sides, and back pain...awesome. I didn't want to be a baby (because I am totally aware that I am a SERIOUS wimp! I blame my mom for that one) so I held off on calling the Dr about how bad it was. Last night after hours of tears and frustration Jonny said he was taking me in the morning to see the Doc. I found out I have OHSS Ovarian Hyper stimulation Syndrome. It happens usually in younger IVF patients who produce a lot of eggs. Basically ALL those 29 spots in my ovaries where eggs WERE filled up with fluid and doubled in size (causing my ovaries to be DOUBLE the normal size) In bad cases it can twist your ovaries and cause surgery where they have to be removed. Unfortunately there is no drug or secret way to get rid of it. If I wasn't trying to get pregnant it would just away in a few weeks when I start my cycle again- if you get pregnant it takes A LOT longer to go away. Doc gave me pain meds and told me to sleep, come in Sunday morning and he will check them again. IF my ovaries are the same size as they were today he will still do the transfer- if they get any bigger he is cancelling this cycle and freezing my eggs for a later date. So for now- I wait...again. Chances are at this point the decision of one egg or two will be taken away from me. Even if we do the transfer, Dr. Larsen says two would not be safe for my health or the babies with OHSS. A little sad today- feeling exhausted of the constant stream of trials. Trying to be as positive as I can through this and get lots of sleep.


  1. Oh Brit, I'm sorry, I've heard that is SO SO SO SO painful! It happened to my friend Tammy with both her invitros! the good news is that both resulted in a healthy baby. So I'm feeling good for you and now you don't have to make that decision, it's all good!!! eight grade one's! woot woot!

  2. p.s. I hope I didn't "downplay" your pain by overshadowing it with good news. I mean, good news is good, but pain like that...never easy to go through.

  3. OH my heart is aching for you. I'll be praying that things will work out as they should. Good luck resting up.