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Monday, September 5, 2011

Stimulation Phase

I started the stimulation phase of all this on Saturday. I basically had to add two more drugs to my injections and another 5 oral drugs to my list of my "daily drug cocktail." I did fine Saturday- the injection hurt a lot more since the medication stings and it's a LOT more fluid (hence a bigger needle)- but I felt fine minus a small headache. Sunday was AWFUL. I couldn't move out of bed- (besides for church) because my constant headache became a migraine. I am also limited right now to what I can do- no Ibuprofen, no exercise, no unprotected sex (odd) NO CAFFEINE - which is just adding to my headache. Not being able to take my regular Excedrin for a headache pretty much sucked. I decided to just go to bed- hoping that would help but I COULDN'T SLEEP! I am talking didn't get an ounce of sleep till 5:00 this morning. I am grateful I had no work because I would have stayed home otherwise. (2 melatonin and a Tylenol pm later- I finally got 5 hours of sleep) It's like I can feel this pressure in my stomach. Tomorrow I go in for blood work- the next day an ultra sound to check in on how my follicles are doing. Doc says I will look pregnant by the end of this week due to my ovaries getting a lot larger than normal. I can already feel all the pressure in my lower abdomen- doesn't feel good. Can't wait for this part to be over. Unfortunately this part will last everyday until September 14th...seems like forever. :( Especially when you are moody, exhausted, and craving caffeine! Jonny took good care of me- made my hot chocolate and popcorn (my pre- pregnancy craving right now) Hopefully today will be better.


  1. Oh goodness! I start this in about 5 days. I was thinking I've been doing 2 shots a day for over 2 months, what's a little more... but being terrified of needles... blech. At least the process is moving forward!!!

  2. Aw Brittany! You are so strong! Why does this have to be such a killer process?!? All I have to say is, there should be a money back guarantee. After all you've been put through, you better get at least one baby out of this deal. ;)