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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Stats :)

Total of 29 Follicles

21 were mature

6 were at an intermediate (a decent size)

2 were immature

Injected 27 with icsi (They literally inject ONE single sperm into each of the eggs- all but 2 because they were too little. They were thrown out.)

Out of 27, 17 fertilized normally

1 showed an intermediate fertilization (mean it COULD fertilize today) They are still watching it

6 showed no evidence of fertilization (still watching these ones JUST in case)

2 fertilized abnormally (These two were thrown out)

1 didn’t survive the process

When I got the phone call this morning at 8:30 am- (I was literally just WAITING for this call) I couldn't contain my excitement. The embryologist said- "Do you have a minute." UM YES! She told me all the stats when I was out walking my dog this morning and I literally ran upstairs and said, "Wait can you repeat all that AGAIN to my husband." haha! The lady probably loves her job- getting to deliver the good news to these psychotic "moms to be" I woke up this morning and FIRST thing I did was think about those embryo's...I can't imagine how it will feel actually HAVING a child of my own. (hopefully) I will be a pretty protective mom I'm sure- not meaning to be- just by nature. I woke up this morning with my stomach probably DOUBLE what it was the day before (not even joking) So I called in a little concerned. Dr. told me it's normal- the spots where all those eggs were have now filled up over night with fluid. Still REALLY achy- They will call me Friday to let me know how the embryo's are- there is a possibility of doing the transfer either Friday or Sunday at this point. Just depends on their growth. So now I just pray for them from a far.

This is what they should look like now- a one celled fertilized Egg

This is what I WANT them to look like the day of the transfer-a healthy 8 cell embryo (I get REAL pictures of them then! )

So weird how fast all this happens! By the time I get implanted I will be "3 weeks pregnant" I should find out nine days after implantation- luckily I will be in Hawaii to keep my mind off things. I have two friends just a few weeks behind me- PRAYING for you ladies! )


  1. oh happy day...or days! cant wait to hear more details. you stay well rested! love ya girlie.

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