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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Two Pink Lines

Hawaii was amazing- I was an anxious mess though and bought two pregnancy tests there that haunted me for days. Literally. Every morning I would wake up and stare at the tests and then think- NO Britt it's too early- you can wait this out. I read WAY to many online forums and was freakin myself out about everything.

I got a call Monday morning 5 am from the Doctors office (they forgot Hawaii is three hours earlier then Az- oops!!) and said well you can take a home pregnancy test if you want but if it's negative it could be wrong and be a little depressing...but if it's a positive then it's pretty much accurate- so I thought okay what the heck!!! I'll take it. If it's negative it's what I'm used to so I can handle it. I put a towel over the test and told Jonny to read it for me. He started laughing and said um babe there are TWO pink lines!! I literally was in shock for the next two days- took another one the next morning- still positive. My boobs freakin ached, I was needing afternoon naps in freakin Hawaii, and was peeing like every five minutes- STILL didn't believe it. I only told my sister Sara because I was in shock. This morning after a long red eye flight we went straight to the doctors who took out blood work- They called me around 2:00 ish- Definitley pregnant!!! :) Said my beta is a really high good number of 171 (he was looking for around 100 today he said)!!!! So to make a really long story short. I'm pregnant- and STILL don't believe it! I am only 4 weeks along so I DO know that this is just another hurdle- to get through the first trimester..but still SUPER excited!!!!! :)So here they are- the most BEAUTIFUL pink lines I have ever seen! :)Hawaii was not a bad place to find out. :) Now let's just pray this baby STICKS!!


  1. That is so awesome! I am so excited for you! I'm sure the excitement you feel cannot be met by many people!

  2. YAY YAY YAY! SO incredibly happy for you, Brittany. Overjoyed. You deserve this so much.

  3. Those pictures just made me cry. Ever.

  4. So very, very, very fantastic!! Thrilled for you guys!! What a fun place to find out for sure!! thanks for sharing your story!! Hooray!!

  5. i just about cried reading this!! yay! so excited for you! praying that it goes well. i hope you frame that first picture. cause its awesome!

  6. I am soooo happy for you! Congratulations!!!