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Monday, March 19, 2012

A Little Dog Envy- and a not so attractive bump pic!

Oh my gosh- how can you not love this face??! I got to dog sit for a friend this weekend (this dog is seriously TINY an such a cuddle bug!) She would snuggle up with my husband every night to sleep. However; having this little cute doggie over made me realize how scared I am to bring home my baby from the hospital to my current dog Lexi.

My dog was a MESS this weekend with this little newbie getting ANY attention whatsoever from Jonny and I. Granted she is extremely spoiled and this is totally my fault. I feel awful! My dog has been my baby for 4 years now- no joke. She is a good dog, she even does good with little nieces and nephews tugging at her ears and annoying the heck out of her. My dilemma is this: this weekend she went BOLLISITC! She was so jealous that she couldn't stand it. If Jonny and I were holding this little dog she would literally snap and try to attack her. Jonny says if she even tries this ONCE when Declan comes home he getting rid of her. :(

OF COURSE my baby comes first and I understand this completely- I am just PRAYING this dog can handle the jealousy. Makes me sad to think I may have to find her a good home once baby comes. She comforted me for SO many years when I would cry over not being able to get pregnant- she was my rock so it feels unfair and just not right. Has anyone brought a baby home to their dog and had issues?? Grrr...seems like such a silly thing to worry about but I truly am!

Updates: As of today I have officially 11 weeks to go to D- Day! Unless Declan decides he has his own schedule of course! I am 29 weeks today and am feeling so unprepared! I am dealing with all the same ole symptoms: ribs hurt like crazy! Leg and foot cramps, and dizzy from time to time. But my most recent one:
LEAKING. Oh my gosh I freaked when it all the sudden hit me- oh ya I'm going to be nursing (I hope) in 11 weeks! My sister warned me- but to be honest- I figured my body would fail me in the nursing department since it usually failed on ANYTHING to do with having the right hormones. Hopefully this means things will go smoothly in that department because I would really love to be able to nurse. So please body do what it's supposed to!!!

And a not so attractive bump picture taken from work at 29 weeks after an 8 hour day with still 3 hours-ish to go:

My hubby and I are looking forward to the midnight showing of Hunger Games this week- hopefully my exhausted body will make it! I think my body is more tired now than it was in my first and second trimester combined!


  1. Awww you have such a cute bump!! :) I worry about our dog too, but I think they will adjust just like we will to the least I'm hoping so :)

  2. That dog is so stinking cute! I love it's GINORMOUS eyeballs! haha I hope you don't have to get rid of the Lexers either! I think all will be well though love. Your baby bump is so very cute! I love that you do all your updates at work haha!

  3. Your dog should be fine. I once had a pitbull (yaknow the 'meanies') and she got really jealous when my sister brought her little dog over. But when my sister brought her daughter over, and she got all of the attention, my dog was very sweet and understanding. Your dog already knows you're pregnant, and will understand that Declan is a part of your family. He saw the dog as a stranger taking over his family lol. Should be fine. Congrats on 29 weeks! Gosh, time flies.

  4. I am a bit of a dog behavior enthusiast, so I have a few tips for you if you don't mind me sharing :) I really like Ian Dunbar. This is a good, quick read on children and dogs:

    Another great website on living with kids and dogs:

    The key is for us as new parents to help our dogs acclimate and make everything related to the new baby a positive experience :) Good luck, and let me know if you ever need any help!

    1. Megan THANK YOU! I am totally going to read through these!!! I need all the help I can get at this point! I just want so badly for them to be buddies and for Lexi not to be tough!

  5. My dogs would go crazy anytime we watched my moms little dog. If my moms dog got close to me my black lab would snap at her. I was worried. Dogs can 100% tell the difference between another dog and a baby. I was terrified to bring Ammon home and I think they were just as scared. Someone told me to have a friend or family member take a baby hat home that the baby wore for a few hours and then let the dog sniff on it before you bring the baby home so they are already familiar with the scent. My dogs were so gentle with Ammon, they would sleep right next to him and be careful to step over or around him when he played on the floor. I really think you will be fine. When we brought Evelyn home they didn't even seem to care that there was another little terror to soon be dealt with! Just make sure you still give your pup plenty of love and attention!

  6. Loving the belly pics! I hope Lexi is different with baby Declan. It makes sense that a dog would be super jealous of another dog, but have a basic understanding that another human (especially a baby human!) is what rightfully belongs in the home. I sure hope so because Lexi is just too dang cute! Crossin' my fingers for ya!

  7. Your belly is still tiny! :o) I'm worried about our dog too, but I think they'll adjust just fine with an actual human-- dogs liking other dogs are sort of a different story!
    Feeling unprepared as well~ we will get there though!

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