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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sneak Peek :)

Those are his toes on his face :)

After an 11 hour work day I went BACK to th ultrasound place for a 9 pm appt. When he FINALLY decided to show his face my body kept having contractions making his face squished in there :( He finally tries to show off than my body fails dang it! Here are a few at least that are half showing his face- his toes were on his face instead of his hands this time- haha! The lady wants me to come back next Tuesday but part of me wants to just leave it alone now and know that he just wants to surprise me :) Already such a silly boy. He did smile a lot in there which was so cute! These are distorted but the best they could do dang it!


  1. Love the toes on his face. Cracks me up :) And I can definitely see some smile in the last two!

  2. Haha doesn't it make your heart melt when you see your baby being silly in there?? Those are so cute! I think you might as well go sneak a peak again next week!! Why not?? You never know! Plus it's always nice to see your lil one :)
    He's the cutest!

  3. Aw! You can totally see his face in the first one! Such a cutie already! So cool how real it looks! Can't wait to see your ones from tom my love! yay for ultrasounds of many! :) haha

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