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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fluid Levels

I had an appt yesterday and today for Declan. Monday we did a stress test and today was the big ultrasound to see if I am clear or not to fly to California to see my husband get recognized at his business conference. Today the ultrasound showed his levels again dropped. :( He was at 6.7 last week and 6.2 today- The Dr assured me there was NOTHING more I could be doing at this point and flying to California would be just fine. In fact if anything hanging out in the pool will help little Declan's fluid levels. I will definitely be taking it easy in California BUT I get to go!! :) Next week I will of course be doing MORE stress tests an another ultrasound. With how his fluids are dropping chances are this baby boy is coming early. I have read lots online and of course done lots of searches of what to do- and there really isn't anything TO do. I am just sort of in limbo right now and waiting. Everything else scored perfect on the ultrasound 8/8. SO- that's a good sign that baby boy is healthy. Tomorrow I leave for California!:) I forgot to take an updated bump shot- but this is from last weeks shoot- and I am definitely getting ready to pop ANYTIME now since Declan wants to make his appearance a tad early! :) My little man is already stubborn like his daddy. :) Getting nervous and SO SO excited to meet him. I could handle waiting another 6 weeks or so if he wouldn't mind staying bundled in there a little longer! 

P.S Thank you so much for your comments on my last post- I am feeling MUCH MUCH better and am realizing that I CAN'T listen to what everyone else says. People will ALWAYS be looking for a way to judge what your doing- what your eating- how you are parenting your children, and everything in between. Ultimately I make the end decisions and decide what's best for me and my baby. I do the best I can and that's all I can do. SO done letting others opinions get to me. This was tough enough when I was dealing with infertility so I can't let that happen now. Speaking of which DON'T forget it's national infertility awareness week! Resolve.Org has LOTS of good information! One thing I will never do is forget the long crazy journey I took to get to this point! :)


  1. Good luck and have fun in Cali!

  2. Yay, Can't wait to see your little man coming soon!!! I bet he'll make it in at least 3 weeks time ;)! hehe.. enjoy your time in CA, careful its supposed to rain tomorrow!

  3. Cute piccie!

    Good luck with the last few weeks!

  4. i hope he decides to hang out in there a little longer, but you're probably so anxious to see him. :) that's great that you're going to get to go to CA! a little vacation sounds much deserved. enjoy!

  5. LOVE that ready to POP pic Britt Britt! So cute! I know the fluids have been stressful for you but no worries everything is going to be ok! So miss you at work..and seeing your face everyday I am glad I at least get to see your blogs. :) Hope you have a blast in Cali and know that I love you! No stress! Call the bestie if you need to vent!! LOVE YOU!

  6. That picture is adorable!!! I hope you have a great trip to California and Declan stays inside as long as possible :)

  7. Your picture is simply adorable! Hope you enjoy and get to relax on your trip to California!

  8. I love hearing good news about Declan, it always makes my day :) you're one of my favorite people to follow, especially because are due dates are so close together!
    I think it's awesome news that you get to go to California! SO not fair though. I haven't gone anywhere my whole pregnancy, and you've been all over! Declan is already so spoiled, I bet he likes going all of these different places.
    I can't wait to hear a new update when you get back. Oh and thanks for telling me where you got the cardigan! I've never shopped there, because I don't think there's one by me! I'm in love with online shopping though, and I'm pretty sure you just introduced me to my new favorite store.
    Thinking of you!
    (adorable picture by the way!)

  9. YES!! you should get vaccinated. I'm making Ryan do it too! It's all in one shot, and totally worth it. Babies can't get vaccinated until they're 2 months... read this.
    it's sad, but it definitely made up my mind for me!