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Friday, April 20, 2012

I've Had Better Days

Don't worry I'm better now. It only lasted a few days- but MAN I was a mess. These pregnancy hormones must be kickin my butt! Wednesday was my doctors appointment to do an ultrasound and check Declan's fluid levels- my anxiety levels were high for this appt! Goodness when you know there is always that chance you could just go straight into delivery I think you kinda freak out pre appt time. Anywho- levels were down from the week prior. Last week levels were 7.4 and this week they were 6.7. Not what I was wanting to hear. I was already a tad bit emotional for the day- then we went in for the stress test- I felt him moving LOTS so I figured this would be short and easy. Instead they kept me on there forever! Apparently his heart rate wasn't jumping up as much as they wanted to see so they wanted him on there till it did- they used the tickler which worked like a charm...but again it wasn't as smooth as an appt as I was hoping for. Dr checked me "down south" to send in for labs of possible infections since I had a UTI last week. YUCKY. I will find out about that on Monday. My feet were real swollen though and my heart rate was much higher than normal (she never told me the numbers) so she told me to go into the er if my feet swell worse and to keep an eye on my heart rate (check it at Walmart every few days) GREAT! More to pay attention too!

All in all I left the appointment feeling a bit defeated. Than my mom called to lecture me on eating healthier, drinking more, blah blah know moms. BOTH my mom AND mother in law are best friends and like to both lecture me. I REALLY wasn't receptive. Instead I called my sister crying complaining about the constant lecture I had been getting. I was frustrated because I am doing my best- and it's hard to hear from others you SHOULD be doing MORE. OF COURSE I want the best for Declan!!!! GOODNESS!! I was grumpy the rest of the day- went home and slept for hours. I am pretty sure my high blood pressure didn't help with the hormones.

Next day I woke up refreshed- decided to go ahead and DRINK the nasty green drink my mom brought over for breakfast. Welp- I got food posiening from that stupid drink people. I threw up like ten times PURE GREEN DRINK. I couldn't eat or drink ALL day. FIGURES. I felt like crap. Seriously bad few days. Today I feel a BILLION times better. Now I know to ONLY drink the fresh green drink- not an old! Declan has been moving like CRAZY so I feel pretty secure he's okay in there. I go in for Dr. appt's Monday and Tuesday and HOPEFULLY my fluid levels will have gone up by then. Okay rant over. Thanks for listening if you made it through this. :)

P.S HOW the HECK do you get rid of the spam comments?? I've been getting lots of them?? ANY clue??


  1. Aw hon, I am so sorry you have had a rough few days. I hope your fluids go up and you can enjoy your weekend. (((hugs)))

  2. First of all, I don't know how long you've had the picture at the top of your page, but I am just now noticing it. I LOVE IT!

    I'm sorry you've had it so rough. That sounds like a week from hell. You're almost there Mommy Brittany! That would get on my nerves, having both moms on my case. agghhh... I feel for ya.

    I hope your weekend goes much better, and you can relax a little. (and stay away from the green drink!)

  3. Even though your moms are well meaning, ignore them. You are the mom now, and you get to claim the right to know what is best for your stress level and your baby. That is the HARDEST part about becoming a mom, the well meaning ideas from loved ones that you just have to choose to ignore sometimes. Hang in there. You are working with good doctors, and have amazing hospital facilities available if you do have to deliver early. I have one friend who's little boy was born at 24 weeks, and he is a healthy normal 3 year old now. The Lord knows if your sweet boy will thrive better out of the womb. Pregnancy is hard, but you can do it!

  4. Oh man, so sorry!! You're almost there though... try to put your feet up and do absolutely NOTHING! I do LOVE your new banner picture though. So cute.

    And I can totally relate to being lectured by people. Try not to listen to them- they mean well, but we know our bodies best and we can only do what we can do. :o) You're doing great girl!