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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

48ish Days to Go

33 week bump picture...after eating fast food so it might be a bit accentuated :)

This past week has been crazy busy oddly enough for my first week off work! After a successful baby shower, getting my maternity pictures done, and Dr.'s appointments today I FINALLY feel I can relax! I was finally able to read and get updated on all your blogs last night. :)

Updates From Dr: Yesterday was my first non- stress test (not sure why they call it this because it WAS stressful!) When you get hooked up to this machine they evaluate the baby's heartheart and YOU have to push a button when you feel the baby move. They want to see that the baby's heart rate goes up when he's moving. It was hard though to know what they were looking for or what was considered a movement. Declan wasn't moving at all at first so they had to use the "tickler" on him which sent vibrations on my belly making him move. That felt odd...haha! Baby passed the test with flying colors though and they have me back on Wednesday for an ultrasound and another stress test. This is the appointment each week I will be mostly looking forward to- I just am dying to know what his fluid levels are now. They reminded me again that if he goes too low he will need to be delivered THAT day. YIKES! Guess I better pack my hospital bag and such just in case.

Next Week: The Dr did however give me the okay to fly out to California a few days next week to watch my husband speak at a big convention for his business. (ONLY IF the fluid levels are getting better) We were invited to a black tie dinner and if any of you have shopped for a black tie event dress 8 months pregnant and have any tips please let me know. Goodness it's not easy to find something!

Looking Forward to: I went shopping today and got the carseat, stroller, monitor, and big items I needed...and then some. So now I need to organize all his stuff! I posted pics of my baby shower from Saturday on my family blog over HERE. It was a big success and I am SO SO glad to know what to go buy now. All the details of the adorable shower (Bow Tie themed) are HERE. I am not kidding this shower was so cute! My sister and bestie did an amazing job! I am LOVING being home right now and spending time with the hubby. :) Can't wait to hear how the fluid levels are tomorrow! Hopefully getting better and better :)


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  2. I hope you don't have your babe before Cali or in Cali! The shower pics are cute. Hoping the fluid levels are rising as they should.

  3. WHERE did you get that cardigan? I must know.

    1. Nordstrom Rack actually! I LOVE that place!!!!