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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I was going through a box of old stuff and found my planner/calendar from the year we did IVF. Reading through it I almost died seeing my daily schedule...I wanted this baby SO BAD and tried to do everything perfect to make this happen. Not that it always works, but it would say daily affirmations, daily walks and workouts, drinking LOTS of water, working out  (lightly of course- because I was nervous of messing things up), Lupron shots, relaxation techniques, constant doctors appointments (seriously like 2-3 a week)! It's still amazing to me that it really worked the first time. After LOTS of failed IUI's, and months of chlomid I didn't think a positive was possible. I have a phone app that tracks my cycle now- like I said I started it this month. My cycle is due in the next week. Strangest thing is that when I was possibly ovulating this month I got SUPER nauseated...ya know like pregnancy nausea. For a splint second I thought...hmmmm maybe??? Jonny immediately got me a pregnancy test that said negative. I knew it would. I read online I guess you can get nauseated when you ovulate....strange??! This whole normal trying to get pregnant thing is so foreign to me. I feel so out of my element that I just want to call me RE and set an appt right now. Sounds silly to pay another 6 grand or so when I DID get pregnant on my own after Deklan was born. I wait. Deklan is still SUCH a tiny baby to me. He still snuggles. I am loving every minute with this little guy. He is honestly my best friend. He does EVERYTHING with me. Jonny and I decided if nothing happends by March we will go sit down with our RE. Here are a few recent instagram photos of baby boy!


  1. He is so so so sweet! We started "trying" again in March too. Hopefully getting pregnant will happen naturally for you! :-)

  2. I'm so excited for you both!! Deklan is a looker girl!! Good Luck, I'll be following ;)

  3. He is such a cutie pie!! I love his outfit in the cart :)

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