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Sunday, January 13, 2013

So Frustrating.

I forgot all about this part. The annoying part of your body not doing what it's supposed to. I'm not pregnant obviously, which is fine because I don't expect it to be fast this time around. I forgot about the frustrating part of not knowing what the heck is going on with your body. Before I got pregnant I had A LOT of issues with cysts rupturing, very LARGE ones at that. My body wasn't releasing the eggs properly, instead it would keep it and grow a massive painful cyst in it's place, I had ones literally the size of grapefruits that the pain was WORSE than childbirth when they ruptured. Granted I got an epidural when I was barley dialated, but I had to FORCE my body into labor overnight which wasn't easy. I am pretty sure I had one while I was on my cruise a few months ago rupture, just a smaller one, and now I have another one. I am pretty sure it's a larger one. My stomach is SO bloated that I swear you can see one side of my stomach look larger from the outside. I called my fertility specialist which I haven't seen since I was newly pregnant. I am excited to see him, but nervous at the same time. It throws me back into that world of having an RE again. I hate feeling so icky. I can literally feel it throb EVERY step I take- not horrible unbearable pain but ANNOYING pain. Really awful moving during all of this. This is what it looks like on a diagram.

It's awful. Some of you had to go through OHSS like I did with in vitro. Oh my gosh, it's THE WORST. This reminds me of all that awful stuff from in vitro I forgot about and put in the back of my mind. It makes the thought of being pregnant again or doing in vitro very scary and not so enticing. UGH. PLEASE go away cyst. And Don't come back another day. Meanwhile this guy is taking good care of me. :)

And same with this guy. p.s he learned to crawl!!!! Doesn't he look thrilled about it?! :)


  1. I'm so sorry you're going through this. I hope things get better for you. I can't believe Declan can crawl! Ohhmygoodness. Now you'll be chasing him around everywhere!

  2. Praying your cyst goes away :(
    But yay for little man crawling!!!!

  3. I'm sorry, that sounds so painful :( I had OHSS and I would pay good money to not experience that kind of pain again! I hope you start feeling better soon. Baby Deklan is adorable! The twins are crawling too, and life has gotten 1000x crazier!

  4. Why do cysts have to just pop up where you don't want them, you know? Like couldn't it have just shown up on your inner thigh where it didn't matter? Bastard. Anyway, hope he buggers off soon! Just hopped over and am your newest follower. Can't wait to see more milestones of little Deklan! Oh, and where in the heck do you live that there is still leaves on trees? I'm super jealous! Hope you'll stop by and follow back!

  5. Deklan sure is handsome and growing fast!! Be sure to check out my blog, I have nominated you for something special :)