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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Recent Happenings

Sorry for the lengthy time between posts! I am officially moved into my new house now (still lots of boxes to go through), went on our FIRST trip to Disneyland with Deklan (we are now PROUD annual pass members!), and Deklan and I are BOTH sick right now! UGH. Disney land is magical...and full of germs. Actually I went to a business meeting with my husband the night before Disney land, and the lady who invited us has a one year old little girl who was SUPER sick. THANK you for the kind welcome gift. Seriously it just me or is it RIDICULOUS to invite a baby over and forget to include their child is sick. Maybe I'm overprotective but it sort of ruined our trip to Disney land and for that matter ruined our week.  Sorry for the rant...just annoyed. We got in SOME time at Disney land but we did leave a day early because of Deklan being sick. I would be FURIOUS if I didn't have passes this year to come back as much as we want. Okay rant over. Other than that I have to say it was pretty magical bringing Deklan to Disneyland. This is something Jonny and I had dreamed of for so long and even though Deklan may not remember it...we will!!! Unfortunatley these were just my instagram pictures from my phone- I will post the better quality pictures on my other blog when I get around to loading them over. :)

As far as everything else goes...aunt flow should be here tomorrow. I have kind of lost hope of the idea of getting pregnant on my own though. I never went back for another ultrasound to check on my cyst since the pain went away. It never ruptured though it's either just slowly going away or hidden somewhere ready to pop. I haven't felt it for a while thank goodness! Thank you for all your sweet thoughts! I recently added a few of you on facebook and instagram which has been so fun to get to know you better :) If you would like to add me here I am:
Brittytash is my instagram name :)

Although I guess we should be careful of crazy stalkers after what happened to our fellow blogger friend !! Still SO crazy! Okay here are a few instagram pics of the trip! :)

 Had to take this from the bathroom- BEST INVENTION EVER! Please ignore the no socks- this boy threw them off while sitting there! :)

p.s if you are reading this TTC Baby E email me at I can't see your blog anymore :( I hope you are okay and am SO SO sorry for the loss of your dad. I lost my dad just a few years ago and am still heart broken. It's the hardest thing to go through- email me if you need anything girl! Sending you LOTS of love and prayers xoxoxo


  1. Oh my gosh I would be so mad about the sick child thing! Ugh! Your pictures are adorable I love them!

  2. Yeah, sick kid, me no likey! Props on the annual pass holder deal...I hope that means many more cute pics of the boy with Mickey :)

  3. Aw fun!!! Love the pictures! We are obsessed with Disneyland. We live closeby and have had passes for the last 12 years. We even did our engagement photos there :)

  4. I love the pictures! How fun. Hazel is six months and we are taking her to WDW next week! I can't wait.

  5. Deklan is so cute! He's such a mix of both of you--I love it :)

    Thank you for the message at the end of your post. The blog is back up, and it's public again. I just had to take a little break. I really appreciate your kind words, and I'm sorry to hear that you lost your father as well. Big hugs!

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  7. I am jealous of your Disney Land passes!! My biggest dream is to take my kids to Disney World/Land like every single year of their childhood. I cannot wait for a of that fun stuff. Your pictures are so cute! I love Deklan in his little Mickey hat, and you with your ears on. I would totally sport them too!
    I am still SO nervous about the person who was stealing my pictures... the facebook was finally removed, so I made my blog un-private, but I'm still keeping an eye out. I feel like they were stealing most of my stuff from Facebook anyway, but you can never be too sure! I'm so hesitant to post pictures of Haven anywhere now though, and it sucks :( I wish I could show her off like 5x a day.
    I agree with your comment on my blog that the past few years have been insane! That would be truly wonderful if you got pregnant on your own again. I'm still so hurt for you that you actually did, but... you know :( I know how much it would mean to you and Johnny if you guys got pregnant the old fashioned way, and I will remember to add that into my prayers.
    Have a sweet weekend lady!

  8. SOOOO cute! And I am jealous. I love Disney. We usually go every Spring because my parents have a house an hour north of Disneyworld but we opted to stay back and save for our house. Glad you are getting settled in.

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