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Monday, April 29, 2013

Being a Mom (With a Year Experience)

Deklan turns ONE this Friday. I honestly don't know where time went. It flew. I wrote a two whole posts ALL about Deklan on my family blog HERE and HERE. This post though is about what I have learned this past year- maybe to help a few of you soon to be moms out there, and maybe to give myself a reminder later on down the road. :) Few things to remember:

Being a mom is hard work.

Not as hard as WANTING to be a mom with every ounce of your body though. I still remember what that feels like. However, I have moments like every mom out there does where you want to pawn your child off for a few precious moments for some alone time. At one years old Deklan is into EVERYTHING. And I do mean everything. Toilets, plugs, bugs, plants, and pulling out every toy in his toy box over and over again just for the heck of it.

There is A LOT of GUILT that comes with being a mom. You feel guilty for not spending enough quality time with your baby when you don't, or spoiling them to the point where they won't go to anyone else when you do. Guilt comes with the food you feed them, you feel guilty when they get sick, and when they get hurt. Holy moly I am the queen of guilt. Although this morning I was on youtube and saw this news report of a sweet baby girl named Briana who was brutally murdered by her mother, uncle, AND grandpa in New Mexico. I balled ALL morning and held Deklan so tight. I tried to remember that I do the best I can. The one thing I can look back and know for sure is that HE KNOWS I LOVE HIM. That boy knows I am obsessed. I kiss and love on him all day. Regardless guilt does seap in. Be patient and kind to yourself and know that you're doing your best. Your children WILL get hurt. You can't raise them in a bubble.

Another thing- once you get the hang of things THEY CHANGE IT UP ON YOU. They are changing SO fast there is no way to stop it!

Dealt with this one A LOT : People will always want to judge your parenting skills. Guess what? It doesn't matter!! YOU are the parent now! That feels strange sometimes but it feels good to know that it doesn't matter that Aunt Susie thinks you shouldn't feed your baby a bite of ice cream- YOU choose! So LET IT GO when they decide to give input. It doesn't do any good to hold onto that frustrating feeling.

Last and MOST importantly being a mom is THE most rewarding job in the world. Knowing your baby loves you unconditionally kinda makes you melt. Every giggle, smile, and snuggle makes every hard thing worth it. I can't wait to see what this year has in store for our little family of three.

P.s. He LOVES cake. :) That's all.


  1. Happy birthday, Deklan! I can't believe you are going to be ONE! I still remember when your mama posted your birth story...I was so, so excited to read it, and to see your pictures for the first time. You are one cute little boy--and I don't say that lightly because I think I have a pretty cute little boy of my own ;) I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Enjoy your cake!

  2. Happy birthday Deklan! Adorable pic!

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