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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Oh the Possibilities!

Remember how I ranted and raved about how amazing this guy was?? This is Dr. L. (From Advanced Fertility Care) This man literally changed our lives. He is so sweet and humble that he wouldn't take credit for his hard work- said it was all the man upstairs. But I truly believe that Heavenly Father gave him a talent to help make others families possible. He is honestly THE BEST! I would travel out of state if I needed to to help us again. I am OH SO excited to come back to this amazing clinic to use Deklan's frozen brothers and sisters that are hanging out in his office right now :)- 7 of them to be exact! Ladies if you are looking for someone GO TO DR. LARSEN! He is caring, understanding, and knows what's best! I trusted him in putting in one embryo and it all turned out the way it was supposed to.:)

 Deklan got to meet his new girlfriend he has been hanging out with since in the womb. My coworked/good friend Sheila did in vitro 4 weeks after me with Dr. L and we both came out with babies! SO exciting!!! Isn't she CUTE!!!!! Since Deklan was early they are about 2 months a part :)
 Jonny holding little Skarlet
 Dr. L with out little miracle babies- we couldn't be more grateful! We waited for this day for a long time :)

Excited/nervous to go through in vitro again- we are looking to maybe do this around Deklan's first birthday if it doesn't happen on it's own- rigorous I know- but hey! We waited 8 years for our fam so we are trying to catch up! Thank you to Dr. L and his amazing staff for helping us through such tough times! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Favorite Baby Items So Far :)

I decided to put together a list for those soon to be moms out there. I know these helped me a lot in making my purchases. Although my hubby decided to buy everything under the sun anyways- haha!

SO the Nose Frida: This item sounded SO nasty to me when I heard about it- you literally use this device to SUCK the boogers out of your child. Do't worry- there is a piece to stop anything from ever actually getting back to you- but it WORKS! I think it was around $17- but it saved me some nights when Deklan was congested and couldn't breath. The normal ones they give you at the hospital don't get everything and are too big for their tiny noses. So a little saline solution plus this get's the job done!

The Boppy: The first few weeks being that Deklan wouldn't latch I assumed this was an unnecessary item. Now I LOVE IT! He uses it to prop himself up, he sleeps really well in it too. Another hint- buy your cover on etsy- cheap and WAY cuter! :)

Gray and White Chevron and Gray Minky Boppy Cover

Zipper onsie pajamas- WITH fold over hands. LOVED THESE! In the middle of the night when you don't want to snap up one THOUSAND snaps the zipper is quick and easy and fast- making it much more likley to not FULLY wake the baby up while changing him. Also mittens just fell off Deklan so the pajamas that ALSO had the hands that would overlap would help him from scratching himself. If I could redo things I would buy NONE of the non zipper type for the newborn stage.
JUST ONE YOU ™ Made by Carters ® Newborn Boys Interlock Sleep N Play - Green/White.Opens in a new window

So far the boppy has failed me...:( Totally disappointed although he may grow into it more as time goes- we'll see. As of right now he will only sit in it 5 minutes before crying to get out. BUT he does love his swing and we also LOVED his newborn sleeper we got him :)

Fisher Price SnugaBunny Newborn Rock N Play Soother.Opens in a new window

We never did buy a bouncer because it was really never needed. His sleeper rocked and is portable- awesome for bringing him to a babysitters, traveling, or hanging out at the house. He slept in it the first few months and is now in his crib :) It keeps the baby at an incline to help with reflux as well. :)

We DO actually use our wipe warmer- and we like it :) Again keeps him sleepy at evening feeds which is nice :)

I actually LOVE my homemade moby wrap I got as a gift! I use it ALL THE TIME. Deklan loves to feel snuggled :) I actually like it better than the Moby because it's far less fabric and much LIGHTER for the summer! A baby Katan is I think what they call the lighter weight one :) I would suggest those instead- you can buy them HERE My hubby also just got the ergo carrier for him- we love it so far and are excited to try it out in Florida next week- much more sturdy for long trips.

For the stroller we got the city mini GT - LOVE it! At first ours came with a faulty wheel- had to get it replaced but once we did it works PERFECT! Very easy to use and lightweight which I LOVE! :)

Homedics Sound Spa Lullaby Relaxation Machine Homedics Sound Spa Lullaby Relaxation Machine 

Also LOVE this item! Deklan has his on every night- it has different lullabies and soothing sounds and also a light projection giving images up on the ceiling. This is nice to add a little light into the room. 

To ADD to the wipe warmer we also got the organization system for the diaper area to go with it- LOVE this! It keeps everything nice and handy and easy to get to. 

We also got a second car seat base so we had one for both cars which has been super convenient since we never really know what car we are going to take for the day. We used the Chicco KeyFit carseta because it was lightweight- so glad we chose this option now!


For a diaper pail we got the Dekor Plus- I will swear by this thing! It has no smell- hold LOTS of diapers & best of all you can use any bag on it. However I prefer the refill bags because you cut the bottom of the bag, tie it, and toss it- it's SUPER easy and makes good use of all the bag.

D├ękor Plus Diaper Pail
These are just a few of my favs so far- I'm sure I will be adding to this as I go- hope it can help some of you out there. :) Oh and another item I don't use much is the bath tub- I somewhat find it to be an annoyance to get out each time- and it's just in the way. I would say use your sink or take a bath with them- Deklan LOVES that :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

month one all over again...

I have felt SUPER icky all week :( Unfortunately AND fortunately started my first period again. It was painful and awful. At the same time it's a reminder that my body is working right now after all. My lack of pumping/breastfeeding as of late and attempting to start running again I think brought it on. I SHOULD pump again- it's just extremely frustrating to do 8 times a day to do it right. I have been cleaning out my garage and came across this...

My oh so familiar sharps container full of a gazillion needles I shot into myself to be able to have my little miracle. It reminded me of last year and all the hopes and dreams I had to finally bring a baby home. I held Deklan a little longer tonight, kissed him even more than I normally do (which is A LOT!) :) and said a quick prayer to say thank you for the amazing little boy who got sent to our home. It's hard to imagine that this little 9 pound baby boy will soon be walking talking, playing, dating, and all that other fun stuff a boy does :) He still amazes me every day. He smiles now and coo's and wants to grow up way too fast for me. He is squishy, squeaky, and oh so lovable!! I will have lots more pics and videos of him on my other blog though. :)

On a sad note we got rid of our dog Lexi this week. She got me through some REALLY tough times. including comforting me through the infertility. So I felt awful about finding her a new home. I felt even more guilty she wasn't getting the love and affection she deserved once Deklan came home. She was always out back in the heat and didn't get the chance to love on her as much. Our house cleaner lady is all alone here and took her and said she follows her around everywhere now and LOVES the attention! Made me so happy to hear- plus I can visit anytime I want since she is only a few miles away! I will miss this little fluffer! 

My Baby: Lexi