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Monday, October 31, 2011

9 Weeks and Counting!

I seriously can't believe I am already nine weeks- (BARLEY 9 weeks- but STILL!) I still have a few more weeks before getting out of the "scary zone," but everyday I am starting to believe this more and more. My last ultra sound, taken at 8 weeks 1 day Jonny was able to be there- the look on his face was priceless. He was in awe of the little heartbeat on the screen and we both fell in love with this baby together. :) We left straight to San Antonio Texas after the ultra sound and had fun staying on the River walk. Today I'm back at work...LAME! A few updates on the pregnancy:

Symptoms: Morning, Afternoon, and ALL DAY sickness started around week 7. I threw up about 8 times in two days when I finally gave in to my new found best friend: ZOFRAN. This stuff works. I haven't even felt sick at all today which is amazing! Since the day I started zofran I dry heaved a few times a day- but kept everything down. Been drinking Ginger-ale, eating ginger cookies, and crackers to help calm the stomach. I literally eat ALL day to help- I'm sure I'm gaining weight in all the wrong areas..:) Oh ya- I'm pretty sleepy all day- I could sleep 10 hours at night and still want a nap the next day!


I learned that craving in your first trimester is just food that you can actually eat without vomiting. :) I have been OBSESSED with pickles- I have eaten HALF of the massive COSTCO size bottle of pickles! haha! I had pickles and waffles one night- So I guess that's a bit odd- and lately ALL I want is broccoli and Cheese Soup! YUMMM!!! But overall I just don't want anything sweet- like cookies and such- or anything too greasy. Somehow I am still NOT loosing weight though- haha

Baby's Milestones:

BABY is MOVING this week! Although I don't feel anything at all:) Oh and NO more tail on the baby! Which means hopefully next week's ultrasound will actually look like a baby. :)

Baby is growing nipples and hair follicles- His pancreas, gallbladder, bile ducts and anus are all in place, ready to poop and pee a dozen times a day when he's born. Baby is beginning to develop her hoo-ha or his wee-wee. Baby should be now 1-inch in length, about the size of a martini olive and weighs a mere 2 grams—a little less than a penny. Baby is also developing bones and muscles! SO amazing to me still that a baby is growing inside me!


Um ya sorta- there is a bump all right but it's not from the baby most likley- haha- it's more from my poor healing ovaries still and probably eating too much- haha!

I get my 10 week ultrasound one week from today.:) I cannot WAIT to see how much little baby Tashjian has grown!

p.s. I find out if it's a girl or a boy in freakin 5 weeks!!!! I am like jumping out of my pants excited about this! :) I vote girl- of course Jonny votes for a boy...Really I think I will be happy with either! OH and CONGRATULATIONS to my good friend Sheila who did her first try of IVF and found out she is pregnant a few days ago!!! AGAIN- jumping out my pants excited!!! Happy Halloween Everyone!!! :) I am sending baby dust to everyone out there trying right now! Keep it positive people! If it can happen for me after 6- 7 years it can happen for you too!!!! :)

Oh and a picture of the baby from last week. :)


  1. I think you are having a girl! When I was pregnant with Carolyn I didn't want anything sweet, but with Hudson I did! We are so excited for you! :)

  2. Words can not express how happy I am for you.....

  3. OH BRITTANY Its all so exciting!! Im glad you are feeling better with the Zofran. I cant imagine feeling nauseous the entire day like that. I hope its a girl!! =) =) =)

  4. Have I told you how obsessed I am with ultrasound pics?!? Seriously, I can't wait until your week ten pics! I can't believe you can find out the gender in 5 weeks, you must have a really good ultrasound tech. I'm voting girl, but a boy would be great for a buddy for Luke. I'm so excited! :-)

  5. WOOOHOOO! I love this update. SO GLAD Zofran is helping! And so happy that you're almost through the 1st trimester. I know what you mean about falling in love with a baby via ultrasound. It's so wonderful. I want to jump out of my pants in happiness for you too!!!!!

  6. amazing..good to see girl that will help us to go thro this proces on our own..realy like your blog..
    From this site i learn a lot ovulation kits, but i hear that i am pregnet..i will be constantly on your blog..thanks again :)