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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Most Amazing Day

Today started out pretty bad. I haven't gotten much sleep lately- I would say that anxiety has hit me pretty bad keeping me up at all hours of the night. Last night was no exception. Couldn't sleep- my husband is out out of town for the day expecting to come home Friday to hear the heartbeat of our baby. I got out of bed at about 6 this morning and saw blood- it was brown and light but nevertheless scared the crap out of me. I called the Dr. as they opened this morning at 8 am and they asked me to come straight in. That got me even MORE nervous- and super sad since my husband wasn't going to be there for the first real ultrasound. I kept thinking I need him here if things go bad and I want him hear if things go right! LUCKILY things went REALLY well today. There is ONE baby in there- heartbeat was 114 beats per minute- I couldn't believe that tiny little heart was beating inside of me. Dr said look at the screen at that little flutter- that movement is the heartbeat! O my gosh- it made my heart melt to see that. Luckily he is still letting me keep my appt for tomorrow to go in again with my husband- I got pictures of the little one and pretty much cried the whole way home. I am SO relieved right now- I am SUPER overwhelmed with this happy feeling that everything is going to be okay. WHEW! And so there you have it folks- baby will be here June 6th 2012!! That will be a fabulous day!


  1. What a relief I am sure that was, but what a bummer that your hubs had to miss out on it. Until you are half way or even until the baby comes I worry about so many things.

  2. Bleeding is so scary in pregnancy! I am so glad everything went well and you could see the baby.

  3. FYI This is Kati. I can't post under my google acct

  4. Thanks for doing this blog. My husband and I will most likely be taking this journey next month and I am pretty nervous about it all - feeling a bit better after reading the knowledge you shared.

  5. SO HAPPY BRITT BRITT!!! Heartbeat of wonderment!! Can't believe your going to finally be able to be a little mommy. I couldn't be more happy for you and this wonderful adventure. Love you so much.