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Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Golden Ticket

Thank you all for your comments and support! Le Dawn your comment truly hit home for me because it helped me realize how important it is to enjoy every moment of this pregnancy. I am 6 weeks now (CRAZY) and got my 3rd and final beta blood test today. The number was over 4,000 which the machine couldn't even detect it was so high-means I am hormonal and to probably be nice to me...haha! Really though I AM DETERMINED to enjoy this pregnancy the best way I can. I am finally back home from my billions of trips this last three weeks and am happy to settle into a normal schedule again. Next week (I chose Friday at 2 pm) I get to hear the heartbeat and see a picture! SERIOUSLY freaks me out! Also I get to see if it possibly split to TWO babies- I highly doubt it but you never know! God works in mysterious ways.:) I was SO bummed that I didn't get to watch conference last week and slowly am trying to watch the talks online. President Uchtdorf's talk "Forget Me Not" that I have heard SO much about was amazing! You can read it HERE- and SHOULD! So worth the extra time! He talks about being patient with yourself, understanding the difference between a good sacrifice and a foolish one, and being happy- so many good things I needed to hear. I think we all feel that negative self talk in our heads "If I could just get married...get that new that money...or have a BABY, life would be SO much better. I would FINALLY be happy." Unfortunately I spent the last 6 years or so always waiting for my "golden ticket" in life and forgot to be happy along the way. I definitely had a hard time waiting for this dang pregnancy so I am determined to not let that happen again.I truly want to feel connected and enjoy these next nine months or so...

6 Weeks Pregnant
A few things about my baby this week- He or hopefully SHE still looks like a tadpole- but is growing eyes, a mouth, and little arm buds! Her little heart is now beating and SHOULD be able to be detected at my OB appt this week! She is about the size of a chocolate sprinkle (YUM) and growing rapidly! As for me and MY symptoms- not really too much nausea luckily- however my boobs HURT so bad and feel massive- and I feel like I can't keep my eyes open all day, and pregnancy brain has kicked in in high gear! I can't remember ANYTHING for the life of me! I start work again on Monday so I only have a few more cherished FMLA days and during that time Jon and I have been house hunting! We are getting back into a house for the baby in the next 3- 4 weeks! Exciting but exhausting stuff going on! Now check out this cute book I want to make:

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