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Saturday, October 22, 2011

First Trip to the ER

Man this first trimester stuff has NOT been easy. I have now bled on two different occasions which BOTH scared the crap out of me. Dr. basically put me on bed rest for the day each time and then said don't worry unless it comes back. Everything had been fine since my last little bit of blood Monday night- until yesterday. I had the MOST random accident happen at work. I was sitting on some stairs after lunch talking with my mom on the phone when a man carrying a MASSIVE piece of glass to replace a window at UOP decided to try to struggle up the stairs by himself. He tripped on the step I was sitting on and the whole freakin piece of glass came crashing down on the both of us. My poor mom heard me scream super loud and then glass flew everywhere. Freaked the heck out of me!! I couldn't stop shaking for a while. The paramedic on site checked me out and told me to go a hospital to make sure the baby was okay. I went in the bathroom and glass was literally in my boots and clothes...crazy thing was I didn't get even ONE cut!! My hubby came to pick me up and take me to the er JUST to be safe. All I had was a headache and was a bit shaken up so I figured everything would be fine. The Er took FOREVER!!! It felt like the longest day! I woke up that morning at 5:30 to take my sisters maternity pictures in good lighting, went straight to work, and then straight to the home at freakin 10 pm! My body was exhausted! I got to do an ultrasound and see the baby's heart beat- it looked more like a baby this time for sure! They wouldn't allow my poor hubby in so he AGAIN had to miss it. Three hours later the dr came back and told me that the baby has a hemorrhage on the bottom of the sac which can be the first sign of miscarriage. I immediately had tears streaming down my face because I literally JUST saw a perfect little heartbeat (now 168 beats per minute) He said to stay off my feet for a few days to try to let it heal. SO, I am in bed with my lab top today instead of being at my baby sisters baby shower. That was rough. :( I go in Wednesday to see if it's healing which would be fantastic- other than that the baby was perfect! Yesterday measuring 7 weeks 4 days. :) Every little sneeze freaks me out right now because of all the stories online I read...not a good idea to research things online when you are already emotional and stressed. Jonny has banned me from reading online forums...haha! Overall I am doing good and I feel like baby will be just fine. A few days off my feet should do the trick. :)


  1. OH MY GOSH!!! So awful/freaky! Does this mean you are on bedrest for your birthday?? I hope not. But I also hope that you heal up quick. My mom hemorraged heavily with me at around 8 weeks. They couldn't believe it when they went in for an ultrasound and the tiny heartbeat was still going strong. It's all in God's hands- try not to worry too much! (so much easier said than done.)

  2. Praying that everything heals well and that baby stays healthy and strong!!!