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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Best Mothers Day Ever

I will keep this short and simple. I used to HATE Mothers Day. I still kind of have bad feelings about it. I maybe always will. One thing I do know- is that this was the best one yet. :) This picture was taken today- he is THREE weeks old now and I love him more every day. These past three weeks have been hard- I will talk on that in another post. For now though I want to say a late HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all women out there. All women deserve to be recognized on this day. It's a tough day for a lot of people out there still struggling to have their little miracle. Last year I had NO idea I had such an amazing surprise waiting for me one year later. Infertility is unfair- and my hope is that all of you will get your little miracle you deserve! Happy Mothers Day to ALL of you! :)


  1. Hopefully your little one will change your feelings on Mother's Day as the years go by. He will show you how much he appreciates you and loves you for all that you have done for will continue to do for you! happy Belated Mother's Day to you too! Hope your feeling better! He is so cute!!!

  2. Happy Mothers Day to you too!! Deklan is adorable :)

  3. He is just so cute! I am so happy for you guys!