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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

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Deklan is now almost TWO WEEKS OLD! YIKES! (This picture was taken the first time Jonny's mom got to hold him)

 I haven't been getting much sleep these days (who knew! :)  It has been so fun to get to know Deklan and his little personality these past few weeks. He makes me smile every time I snuggle him. However this blog was initially intended for my journey to pregnancy and the difficult times I have had with infertility. I want to keep it that way and not overwhelm anyone with obsessive pictures of my son. SO- I will be adding LOTS of updates of Deklan on my family blog. This blog will continue to me outlet. I still struggle. I still need this community of amazing support I have found. I am still reading all of your journey's as well. So for those of you who would like to see my family updates you can HERE. For those who aren't too interested in that- I am still going to be on this blog. 

Jonny and I want to have a big family. I have no idea if my body will let me do this again but we want to try. We won't be using any form of birth control- I have NO idea if I will be able to get pregnant on my own this time around. If I had my ideal situation- it would be to have some time with Deklan before getting pregnant again -however I would be THRILLED if I could get pregnant right away obviously as well. I am scared to death to "try" again. If it doesn't work we have seven frozen babies waiting to be defrosted. That also scares me. What the heck would I do with seven frozen babies if I CAN get pregnant on my own?!!! Goodness they are already embryo's. They are Jonny and MY babies just waiting to be implanted. Could I ever have the heart to throw them away?? Could I possibly give them away knowing that MY babies are somewhere out there with another family? All things I will have to deal with in the future. For now- I will snuggle Deklan and enjoy the moment. :)


  1. I love his little face, and would LOVE to follow your family blog. I have NO idea how though. I was all over the page, and couldn't find a way to follow you.. help!
    It's so crazy to look below my comment, and see you should be 37w3d preggo right now! He's already 2w old! omg!
    That's so wonderful that you want to have a big family. I often wonder if I will use birth control after Haven is here. After how long it took me to get her, and all I've been through.. to me, it just seems better to leave things in God's hands.
    Congrats again on your lil man, he's a doll.

  2. Omgosh he is adorable! What a handsome little man :) I am so glad you posted about your plans for a's something F and I have been thinking about a lot lately--especially the part about if my body will even let me get pregnant again! On the one hand, we *just* had two babies after a complicated pregnancy/delivery, which makes some people think we should be done. On the other hand, I never thought we'd stop at two, and even after everything that happened, I'm not ready to give up now.

    Anyway, I'm glad there's someone else thinking about this too! I can't wait to see where else your journey takes you =)

  3. It's never to early to start thinking of the next one. I figured I would try for number two when I finish breast feeding number one who is not even born yet. Deklan is a gorgeous lil man. Enjoy it all!

  4. Love his cute little face! Can't believe how big he is getting so fast! Seriously a precious gift. So happy for you Britt and this new stage in life you deserve it. Miss you every day and love you.

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