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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Half Way There

How Far Along: 20 weeks and 2 days (5 MONTHS?!) How could this have happened so fast? I feel like the 20 week mark is a BIG milestone for me- starting to slowly feel more comfortable with the whole being pregnant thing.

Baby: Baby is as big as a cantaloupe. Can’t believe I am fitting a cantaloupe child in my belly right now. He is about 7 inches in length and weighs ALMOST a pound!

Baby is creating meconium (ewe) and gaining weight now to get ready for birth! Declan also has sleep patterns now, which I am pretty sure I am aware of already. He sleeps during the day and wakes up at night BIG time! Lucky me for after he is born with this habit J I am guessing there is no way to adjust this now either is there?

Movement: Oh my gosh- I swear he is doing a round off back handspring in there as of late! I LOVE IT!!!!!

I am starting to wonder if that show "I didn't know I was Pregnant" was a big fat LIE! Seriously in the world can you NOT see your belly growing because something the size of a Cantalaop is moving around inside of you?? Used to love that I don't believe...haha!

Sleep: I take a unisom at night but still get up too pee a few times and have a hard time falling back asleep. Usually because I will realize Declan is moving and get to excited to sleep.:) I end up sleeping on my back often times because my child I swear is pushing on all my organs when I am on my side! Definitely feeling cramps and ligament pains now too (Do yours feel like menstrual cramps????) Mine do and it kinda freaks me out!

Symptoms: Still Dry heaving but not throwing up- I'll take it! I think I may have even gained a pound! :) I see the doctor on Monday to find out how that's going. I am feeling SO much better these days- EXHAUSTED with my new work schedule (4 11 hour days in a row is rough on a pregnant lady) but overall feeling REALLY excited to meet my son! I am obsessed with my nephew already so I can see how much fun boys are!

Purchases: I bought my bedding this week which was HUGE for me! I found the EXACT custom bedding I wanted with a matching mobile- all to be shipped to me THIS week! EEK! I was honestly terrified of actually purchasing something like that for some reason- didn't want to jinx myself maybe?? My sister gave me lots of cute boy clothes that Luke already grew out of!

I took this at work today - I don't think this shirt is the best for a belly pic- but none the less here it is. :) I think I may be pushing out a tad on this- or maybe just in denial about my growing belly.

Thought I would a picture of my baby right now- She is already jealous when I want to pet my belly rather than her. I am stressing a tad about how she will react to a baby- but we will see :)

AWFUL pic of me- Jonny convinced me into going to a movie with no makeup on- but he HAD to take a picture since I just HAD to get both a pickle AND Ice cream before sneaking it into the movies. Don't worry folks I don't eat them together :)
My dinner last night...mmmmm I really LOVE grapefruit right now- but I ALWAYS love grapefruit- it's just a bit intensified now :)

Husband decided to surprise me and take me on a BABYMOON to San Juan Puerto Rico NEXT MONTH! Hopefully I won't be too huge at 6 months along?! We have been there before and LOVED it! Beautiful Caribbean waters and rain forest greenery??! YES please!

P.s I am reading so many blogs of amazing ladies waiting for their BFP! SOOO excited for each of you and am praying for all of you!!!! :)


  1. Wow! 20 weeks already! How exciting :) Ooooo, Puerto Rico!!! YAY!

  2. Yay for 20 weeks! :o) I'm loving grapefruit right now too!

  3. You are such a cute prego girl Britt!! So so excited for you!

  4. stretching ligaments totally feels like cramps! It always freaked me out!!!! Glad you are feeling him move so much, so comforting to know they are alive and well!!!

    1. AHHH! So good to know- I was honestly freaking out wondering if something could be wrong- you know how the internet likes to mess with you...haha! Thanks girlie! :)

  5. Love the cute little baby bump!! I having the round ligament pains and they feel crampy sometimes or really sharp. I can't wait to feel my little one moving, I am so excited, and I know that must bring you so much peace of mind. I have been having some crazy cravings too, so I can totally relate to the funny combinations that you are eating : ) So happy that you are halfway there!

  6. I love your baby bump and your post today! Cheers to being halfway and sooo jealous of your upcoming babymoon!

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