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Friday, August 19, 2011

3:45 am

Anxiety has been creeping in lately. Many times it will wake me up out of my sleep and run around in circles in my head for hours. I don't handle stress well. At all. I am taking 3 and a half weeks off work for this- what if it didn't work and I had to do it again?? YIKES! My boss would freak! My sweet husband woke up from all my tossing and turning- got up and talked with me about all my fears, cuddled up to me in bed and told me it was all going to be okay. I start to worry that I'm not good enough- I don't read my scriptures long enough, so many things in life I fall short at so I worry about juggling it all. I have to let it go- and realize that this is in god's hands- and things will happen as they should. It's just hard.

How do you handle your anxiety?? I need some things to do right now to get all these things OFF my mind and focus on the positive. I thought about setting up some massages (heading to the chiropractor each week for an adjustment) A friend suggested meditation- but I have NO idea how to do that. My mind can't shut off for even 5 minutes! For now- with all these sleepless nights, I will just look like a walking zombie.:)


  1. Hey Brittany, I hope it's ok that I write you on this blog. I found your blog through Bailey's blog. I was so touched at Elite Academy when Trish shared your story on stage and then when your husband talked about you and being able to pay for the first round of In Vitro because of Lifevantage. Even though I haven't gotten to know you yet. I feel like I do know you because Lifevantage is truly like a family. I just want you to know that Seth and I will be praying that your dreams for a child come true and that first time is the charm. Congrats on winning the Hawaii trip and Congrats on pro7 so glad to have you guys in the Elite circle.

  2. you're right, it's in God's hands. there is peace in knowing that much. that you have a husband who is going to be there for you no matter what.... i hate anxiety and have it often/hate it, so i don't know that i am much help there, but don't beat yourself up! you were made for this job, even if it takes you lots longer to get there.

    love you!

  3. Hi Brittany,

    I really enjoy your blog and can relate. I think being able to calm down and feel peace will definitely help. True meditation is peaceful once you get into it, and it takes a lot of practice, but it's all about controlling your thoughts and your own peacefulness. There's actually a center in Tempe:

    Please remember you can practice Buddhism and meditation regardless of your faith - it's not a system of faith, worship or religion. Many nuns I had in Catholic school also practiced Buddhist meditation.

    It's all about finding peace from within and can be incorporated into any faith.

  4. I have suffered a lot from anxiety in the past stemming from a break in we had as newly weds. Suddenly Justin was bumped into a traveling job being gone for weeks at a time and I was terrified. I called my home teacher in the middle of the night more than once and had many, many sleepless nights. I couldn't deal with this. I finally realized I can't do this by myself and I just completely gave myself over to prayer. My life has completely changed. I'm fine when Justin leaves and I can even sleep through the nights when he's gone. I didn't think that would ever happen. I always pray for comfort and peace in my heart. You need your rest momma! (maybe we're all a little protective). ;)