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Monday, August 22, 2011

Finding Hope

This weekend was hard. A friend of mine who JUST found out she was pregnant from in vitro LAST WEEK just miscarried. When I found out she was pregnant- I cried, then cried even harder when I found out she was having to go through a miscarriage. My heart literally aches for her because I know the pain of infertility and I especially understand right now the pain from in vitro. Not ONLY emotional pain- but physical and financial pains. She deserved for this to work- she is a good person and an amazing mom. I am trying to pull hope from any place I can. This girl did do in vitro before and actually HAS an adorable little boy from it which gives me that hope. :) I am trying SO hard to think positive- but also keep in mind that there is a chance this may not work and life will still go on. I will be okay- my little family will be okay. For now- my prayers and thoughts go out to this girl and her family.

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