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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day One of Injections

I think I felt sick for DAYS over today. I woke up excited though- I couldn't believe today was FINALLY that day. Jonny met me at the office- and by the way I SO RECOMMEND my Doctor to those looking for an infertility Dr. He is amazing. He is LDS- and TRULY cares about his patients. His office was named #1 in all of Arizona with the highest success rates- it's a plus that I like the guy. (Dr Larsen at Advanced Fertility Care)

Doc walked in and said "I heard you were nervous about all the medication- I'd be more nervous about having cysts today than doing the injections." I forgot that my body has to react well to all the meds for me to move forward. My heart about dropped in my stomach - I ALWAYS have cysts on my ovaries it seems like. Jonny looked all nice and comfortable in the corner while I get to do all the hard stuff (how this is fair I will never know)-

I on the other hand ** sorry to be so crude** got to spread my legs to the world for the billionth time. Every ultra sound I do is internal- fun I know. He said I get to do them every other day starting I think next week- Gotta wonder WHY a guy ever decides to do this job....hmmmmm???

He leans to the right side and says- you are half way there!! No cysts and you so far have 11 follicles on that side. He went over to the other side...cyst free and 10 MORE follicles. A total of 21 babies in the making! :) He does think he will get MORE eggs on the day of the retrieval but says everything looked perfect and I was on track for this month. I guess this was the big hurdle - YAY!

After all the questions with the doc we got to do the injection training with one of his staff. She pulled out all our drugs- made sure we had the right stuff- taught me HOW to do the injections and where. We went over my calendar and how things are supposed to go if my body works as planned. It was overwhelming- hopefully Jonny was paying attention because I struggled a bit. Not gonna lie I am a bit baby stricken right now- wanting to design my nursery- colors, ect....not even pregnant yet! My mind is in la la land.

My distractions come from pinterest

Maybe a girls room in these colors:

Or this wall which I am obsessed with- I obviously think am having a girl...

Back to today: We OF course had to take pics of the event of the SIGNING of the documents- giving them the LAST bit of money we owe. Jonny was sad- said we could go put it on a sports car instead- I said no...haha!

SO it's official- paid for, dates in place, drugs in the fridge, and I start my very FIRST injection done! Please please pray I won't be a hormonal B**** like everyone says I will be . I don't think my poor husband could take it.

THEN came round one of injections. My house turned into what looked like a drug lab. Here they are all sprawled out on the ground- trying to get organized: OVER 80 NEEDLES TOTAL- sick.

I was a nervous wreck and asked Jonny to do me the honors for the first time- (he will be out of town on business the next few days so I really need to figure this out!)

There was just SO much to remember from the training- mix this- Don't refrigerated this- remember this patch on this day on so on) WAY more than I expected to be honest! You can see how tiny these particular needles are for the Lupron medicine I take the next 10 days- it wasn't TOO bad considering I have never had a shot in my stomach before- the medicine stung for a bit...could have been worse.

SO I treated myself with this:
Oh and this...

and a movie cuddled up on the couch- I know- spoiled. :)


  1. YOU DESERVE all the pizza and CHOCOLATE in the land my bestie!! I am so excited for you and this new adventure of babyness that is about to begin for you! You have been through so much and have waited for so long to be here in this moment and I am so happy for you that its finally here. I pray for you every night and every morning and I love you like my own sister. There is no one so derving of this baby then you. I just love you and I love that your hubby made this happen for you and I know its going to work!! You are going to be the most amazing mommy and have the most beautiful nursery in all the land and you and Jonny will be the happiest couple ever!! I love you so much Britt Britt.

    Always, your bestie.
    Jenn Jenn

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! I dont know what to comment on first! haha. After each picture and comment, I kept looking for the 'like' button. lol! I am just so excited and happy for you Britt. I pray that everything will go smoothly for you and there will be no worries at all! I love that you are already looking at baby stuff, haha, and can I just say that pink-orange framed mirror in the first pic is to die for! ha, i sooo need that in my life! And tell Jonny he has plenty of time in the future to get his sports car =P Love you Britt, Im so happy you are finally doing this!! =)

  3. HOLY cow Brit! I don't blame you for feeling overwhelmed! That's all kinds of craziness! Sure made me happy to hear about no cysts + all those follicles. We'll be fasting with you guys this Sunday. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those beautiful colors/baby room ideas.