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Monday, August 22, 2011

Overprotective Daddy

I can already see Jonny giving those signals of being an "overprotective daddy." I think it's adorable.:) That may change over time- but for now I'm just enjoying it. Maybe it's because we have waited this long and spent SO much money on this that he is overly excited about this new adventure. A few days ago we were at Costco buying a few groceries that easily turned into a $250 spending spree because Jonny wanted me eating only good healthy foods. He is "attempting" to make me stop with the caffeine- this has felt IMPOSSIBLE to me with getting no sleep in the last few weeks. I am only supposed to be on bed rest really for a few days- my husband "insists" on wheeling me around in a wheelchair in Hawaii to be on the safe side- oh boy!I have a feeling this is just the beginning. I also have the feeling that this trip to Hawaii is going to be REALLY lazy- no skydiving, scuba diving, hot tubs, or snorkeling-a little bummed about this. Who can complain when you have amazing scenery like this though:
Can't wait!!!!!

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  1. I love hearing stories of Dads like this. I think it's so sweet...even Jonny. You guys will both be great parents, overprotective or not.